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  • Re: Working on 1.10 patch 24/7

    Where would we be without idiots who have no idea how companies run...

    Just wait. It's not difficult, is it? Be glad this isn't Dirt 4, which is all but abandoned in a decrepit state now thanks to F1 2017.
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  • Re: Nothing Wrong with Slower Medium TC, so keep it!

    but if you are interested to customize your own driver you have to play "ranked online mode".
    The rest sounds good, but what's the point of this? You're not going to see or care about your own driver anywhere near as much online as you are offline. If anything this is definitely one of those things that needs to be taken offline, with online perhaps focusing more on fictional liveries, specific car handling traits beyond what one can get through setups and the like.
  • Re: Nothing Wrong with Slower Medium TC, so keep it!

    wtsds said:
    Now they will start crying because they are slower and have no ability to train and play without assists. As if it were difficult to play without assists the f1.
    That's the thing, F1 cars aren't even supposed to be hard to drive. Frankly, the Formula Ultimates in AMS are easier to drive because Reiza have had to go to extreme lengths to make up for the rF1 engine's terrible implementation of wheelspin and acceleration. At worst, with how much downforce these cars have, they're very easy to learn if people just take it easy and try it every once in a while instead of whining when they lose one of their favorite crutches. Hell, the gamepad should have its innate traction and braking assists nerfed as well.
  • Re: Poll for EVERYONE who's completed at least 1 1/2 seasons in Career.

    Haven't done more than half a season but I have done a fair few tests each weekend between my pace in Q3 in career mode and my pace in GP mode with the same setup and no upgrades. My gap to Grosjean is always the same, and so far I'm chalking any improvements down to me getting better at the game and qualifying getting easier. The engine upgrades are probably the ones causing any issues for others at this point, as the downforce and chassis upgrades seem to be applied just fine.

    Im in the Renault, 2 seasons down, all reliability upgrades down a few engine ones, a chassis and rear wing. Last season at Australia i just out qualified my team mate, this year almost  1/2 a second quicker. I imagine the gap will get bigger as i throw more upgrades at the car.
    Keep in mind that the AI has received a massive nerf in qualifying.
  • Re: What have you done to medium traction control!?

    Facarwi said:
    F1 2017 issue with traction control medium is not that its too fast, its that traction control off is too slow... Waaaaait what?

    Let me explain, as you all should know who are commenting on this anyway is that grip is progressive, meaning it does't just disappear, in fact its more of a band i.e. when the tyre starts to slip and when it actually fully lets go and your skidding off into the corner. Now lets forget about what TC really does as I believe the flaw it has (rather the game has without it) is not the med TC picks up the throttle way too fast its that without it, the sensation of being on the limit and over the limit goes from a band feeling (whether its too generous is another topic) to being a cliff. This goes beyond simply "learning" to get use to not using TC but rather is more about being able to feel the limit and slip angle and modulate it.

    How the game handles now is a lot like how iRacing handled back in the day, it was on knifes edge, so much so there was no over the limit it was either under the limit, on the limit or spin. This is much like what running without TC does to the game in the game. If we look at the 6 phases of a corner without TC it turns phase 5 and 6 (balance throttle and increasing throttle) into more of a switch motion of going up to the limit and holding it, then full throttle once its safe.

    However with TC med on (not using full as its much slower just like med TC is now) and we get a much more progressive feel like Assetto Corsa a game with fantastic progression, in which iRacing has followed suit and addressed the issues over the years but I digress. In this games and just like real life phase 5 and 6 of a corner are not simple push throttle 80% wait, now 100% its about modulating the throttle and feeling the car at its limits, in a sim you use the many ways the games communicates with you via vision (cars orientation) sound (tyres tend to be much louder giving progressive sound) and FFB (in AC you can literally feel a F1 car load up as more downforce comes into play).

    This is what is wrong with TC at its core, its not that TC itself is broken its that the game is broken without it and what is already a task that requires skill to master now becomes even harder as once you hit the limit you have almost no chance of catching it (that does not mean you fantastic drivers can never catch it).

    Here is it in action, I would urge anyone still questioning my reasoning to look at telemetry data of a real race, that of a fast sim lap say in AC, iRacing and automobilista etc. I am going to use Barcelona as the example and although it may seem slight pay extra attention to the harder parts of the track with sweep corners that require throttle modulation to go fast.

    first up Lewis's hotlap from this year, lets remind ourselfs that he is a (soon to be) 4 time world champ so his modulation is extremely chrisp but can still be clearly seen. 

    Now lets look at AC... being so new few SF70H hotlaps exist so the first is the Ferrari SF15-T with an although cluttered, easy to see throttle. its super low FOV is most likely due to the user having triple screens FYI.

    The second is the SF70H its throttle UI is tiny but still easy to see on a screen.

    Lastly lets look at a mighty fast user TRL Limitless. Note in the harder sections and wide corners, its almost always the same, phase 5 80%ish once clear enough 100% with modulation only really happening at the final hairpin.

    I hope that people receive this the right way, that being that TC is broken because without it progression is gone no that anyone who uses TC or doesn't is or isn't the better driver and idiots for blah blah blah. The soultion is simple in my mind, slightly unnerf med TC FOR NOW (please read the for now part) while longer term working on the over the limit feedback the game gives you. If they can nail that like other games then most players will naturally want it off as TC like most assists feel robotic and removes that fantastic sensation we all love, putting your foot down and feeling rawer power!
    Isn't Limitless still using the pad for his videos? The pad has an innate traction control assist and a very strong one at that.