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  • Re: Make History in F1 2017

    The biggest question for me about the 2017 game is, will the online multiplayer continue to be player to player connection or will it be dedicated servers that many have been asking for a few years now?
  • A suggestion and a request for Codemaster relating to F1 2017

    As a result of endless lag and connection issues in F1 2016 and in numerous previous titles during online league races due to a player-to-player connection, can we finally have dedicated servers for F1 2017?
  • Re: Patch Notes - v1.5.0

    I hope the Mandatory tyre DSQ glitch has been resolved
  • Re: F1 2016 - Multiplayer

    Is there anyway that the issue with AI taking over a retired car be resolved. This issue in multiplayer has been a concern since the games release. The AI taking over the car rather than the retired or disconnected person from the sessions car being removed from the track has ruined a few league practice sessions. Is this something you are aware of and if so is it being resolved? 
  • Re: F1 2015 ERROR creating mass disconnection PS4

    This new glitch/issue with disconnection is beyond frustrating. Since purchasing F1 2015, league racing has become close to impossible. There has been no end of issues/glitches with this game. This has left me seriously considering whether to waste more money in purchasing F1 2016. I believe that the consumers deserve an explanation why a game fraught with issues was released and that they deserve a public apology for being given a faulty product. Yes the game is playable offline, but I believe most like myself race online in leagues. This has been increasingly difficult to achieve due to the endless inconsistencies within the game.