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  • Re: EA games for F1 2017 anyone?

    toshey said:
    It is a massive shame as cm can make racing games but these last 2 lacked some what. Maybe competition is needed. Ea games made one and  Cm too. Would be better for everyone. Codemasters need this boot up the rear.
    :P Agreed
  • Re: Let's talk about cheats on multiplayer mode

    Oh oh, is this the same issue on PC which was reported in the last game?
  • Re: AI agressivity is ruined on new patchs

    I have to say after 1.7 I headed back to career mode at Russia. I'm in a Toro Rosso with Checo in the Force India behind me (I'm a sitting duck!). My race engineer then tells me that Checo is slowing as he has an issue with the car. Within 5 laps I am like 10 seconds ahead of Checo, all cars behind him cannot overtake and causes a massive long train behind him!

    The leaders (Ferrari/ Mercedes) then go into the pits, come out within the train and again they are just sat there and never seem to make any gains until the back markers start to pit also. Was really odd to see - I wish I saw what they were doing, whilst I raced, but I think this is again highlighting the AI not being as aggressive as before. Front runners with fresher tyres vs a struggling Force India plus other back markers should make for some easy overtakes.

    Unfortunately I have no videos showing this, hopefully it was just a one off...
  • Re: How does the Pit limiter work - PS4

    I wondered this same thing, however the pit limiter button seems to only work on exiting the pits. You press it as soon as you go past the solid white line at the pit exit to return to full speed.
    Entry to the pits still requires you to slow down and maintain the speed limit, manually - which is disappointing.
  • Re: Can We All Just Calm Down For a Minute?

    I don't really understand this post, these forums were created to give us a voice - we are merely using them.

    The Technical Assistance section was created to allow us to share game issues with Codemasters so that they can fix them for us, if we don't do this then the issues won't get resolved. If we don't show any emotions in our posts, Codemasters aren't going to appreciate how frustrated we are all getting. In my opinion, from previous experience, the more information they receive the better (especially when trying to recreate and fix an issue).

    I don't think anyone was expecting this game to be bug free, but from 25th August 2017 (the official release date) all major bugs ideally would be patched so that we have a product which is ready, especially as the price is over £40 per unit.

    Unfortunately I think the best way to progress is to carry on as we are, that way the people with the most frustrations will be actually helping Codemasters by providing information for them to fix the issues.