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  • Re: How does the Pit limiter work - PS4

    I wondered this same thing, however the pit limiter button seems to only work on exiting the pits. You press it as soon as you go past the solid white line at the pit exit to return to full speed.
    Entry to the pits still requires you to slow down and maintain the speed limit, manually - which is disappointing.
  • Re: Tyre manufacturers

    Personally I'm not bothered whether Michelin, Bridgestone  or Pirelli etc are written on the side of the tyres :pensive:
    Just can't wait to give the classic cars a spin :smile:
  • Re: PS4 Patch Notes - 08/09/2016 - v1.4.0

    Codies, what's the possibility of opening up the Beta again where you can allow players to test the patches before they go live? I would imagine the online testing you can do within your studios is very limited compared to your customers.

    Just feels like this is patching one thing, but bringing in more issues over and over until the F1 2017 game. You had a solid game before patch 1.03, I for one want to help get it back to being great again!
  • Re: To buy or not to buy.

    Hi guys, I'm not massively into racing games, I'm also not very good at them but I occasionally  get the urge. 
    Just a few questions: 
    1. Is there a tutorial/practice mode that can help me learn everything about F1?
    2. What game modes are there?
    3. Are your best lap times/race times recorded somewhere so you can view your all time records. 
    4. How does multiplayer work?
    5. What's AI like??

    thanks for any help. 
    I think being an Formula 1 fan is a massive influence on whether you buy the game, as there are no other modes available to you. Having said that, I find the racing very nice on this game which doesn't necessarily require you to be a fan but it helps you to understand all the different rules etc. To answer your questions:

    1. There is a time trial mode where you can practice the circuits to your heart's content, but also before any race in career mode there is a section which gets you accustomed to the circuit by hitting different check points in the circuit. I find that useful. In terms of learning the rules of F1, career mode generally walks you through everything step by step, plus there are video tutorials available as well.

    2. Career mode (standard or the pro mode which has all assists off with cockpit view only available), championship mode (where you just race as an existing F1 driver), quick race (lots of customisation options available), multiplayer, (including an online championship) and time trial. Hopefully I didn't miss anything!

    3. Yes, in time trial mode they are available to you and also can be visible online if you are connected to the net. You can also race other people's ghosts as well which is a nice feature.

    4. Multiplayer is either using a custom race set up (can specify the circuit(s), race length etc etc) or a match maker which auto assigns you to a lobby if you don't want to search manually. Also as mentioned in point 2, there is an online championship where you can do a championship with someone else at the same time).

    5. I find the AI very hard to beat, but they seem to be clever enough to not just ram you off the track whilst going for overtakes etc which generally allows you to enjoy a decent race which some games don't **cough** Project Cars **cough**. I would rate their intelligence as quite high :)
  • Re: Stop complaining about bad handling while using a controller

    The guy who made this thread is just a troll, this thread serves no purpose and should be closed!