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  • Re: League racing is dead on PC.

    Better they work on the next game, than having the next game again buggy.

    They have imo a time problem. Give the devs 2 years instead of just 1 year and the game would have by far less bugs. As more as you ask for fixes for F1 2016, as more time they lose on working for F1 2017 and it will have even more bugs and all are unhappy again.

    It would be much better if they would do every 2 years a f1 game and not every year.
  • Re: Your game mode ideas for F1 2017

    Multiplayer career pls
    And the possibility to drive tracks backwards as an option. Imagine Spa backwards. very cool.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    KevM said:
    KickUp said:
    He can pedal. Not sure about his gloves though  :D
    You should consider disabling exterior cam & no less than 540degrees in the simulation no assists mode (I forget its planned name - Fearless?).  Why not suggest that the 'simulation' players actually enjoy the awesome detail?

    And what is, if I would like to drive with simulation mode, no assists, but 200° rotation and frontbumper view?
    I dont want to be forced to use Arcade Handling then  :D

    Also I wondered a bit about Dirt Rally, why even frontbumper view counted as 0% bonus.
    I think frontbumper and bonnet are still different from 3rd person view where you can see into every far away corner because of it's camera height.
    So frontbumper and bonnet being at half of the cockpit bonus would be imo more fair compared to zero %.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Would be awesome if games would already have the graphics like in these pictures  B)
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    That did I love about finland. The jumps!
    But michigan sounds nice too.

    But I will miss finland :(