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  • Re: F1 2017 - Players as stewards?

    @Demonr - it was that forum that gave me the idea, but they were discussing having a slot where people could spectate to decide penalties for leagues (they might demote the driver a few places after the race for example). However, my idea was to have a spectator who literally awards the penalties in game, no need to add them after, so basically a replacement for the in-game penalty system. I thought this would probably be more favourable for people running a league.
    considering im an admin of a league i can honestly say it would not help, making a decision on the fly can result in the wrong decision, it also requires in game replays of any driver at any time and thats not possible, so if you are not riding on board at the time of the incident you cant make a call, or you would only have one drivers view of it, as most leagues should do, having there drivers record there own races and then provide there footage for viewing of incidents works much better and also means incorrect in game penalties can be overturned.

     i have also been asked would i like to have control of when a safety car or vsc comes out, again the answer to that was no, as someone else mentioned, if you make a decision wrong  you can easily end up in a situation of why did i get that penalty and they didnt or one driver asking why was that a safety car it made me lose my 30 second lead but that other crash wasnt a safety car, it causes problems that are not worth the agro, again not being able to go back and see what happened also is a problem, anyone who has done a lot of spectate mode with safety car on will know it comes out a lot and you have no idea why so how could you call for one when you cant find out what happened.  

    Hi all, I am part of the admin team at Front Row Racing where we do live broadcasts and commentary of our league races on PS4, on F1 2015 the only downside to this was not being able to capture the start of the race, we had hoped for F1 2016 there would be a new feature, perhaps being able to select a "spectate only" slot in the lobby or being able to retire at any point on the formation lap so we can capture the start of the race, from what we have tested so far, yes you can retire on the formation lap, in a 2-3 second window just before the race starts, however this brings out yellow flags every time and on some occasions brings out a VSC or SC, not what we really need to be honest.

    Being able to retire during the formation lap although i have said it can be done, it is intermittent, some times you can retire, some times you tell it to retire but you have to start the race and retire again, you miss the start of the race and bring out a yellow flag. We have narrowed this down to situations like "a driver leaves the session, a driver joins the session" when this happens we have never been able to retire on the formation lap, on the other hand we still have times where this has not been the case and we still cannot retire, we are still testing this to see if there is a pattern to get it to work but at this time some guidance would be useful?

    On these points i have a few questions i would like to ask or points i would like to make;
    1, Will it be possible to introduce a retire at anytime during the formation lap for the benefit of live broadcasts? This would avoid a yellow flag, VSC or SC and would remove the broadcast teams cars from the track.

    2,Would it not be better to allow the lobby host to assign "spectate" to some in the lobby, if there was to be a maximum, 1 is not enough, i would advise at least 3 possible "spectates"

    3, Would it be even better to allow the drivers to select "spectate"

    4.Championship mode although a good idea, is not practical in any way shape or form, ill start with just one comment on that, on first setting up the championship, you cannot select "invite only" so you end up with people in the lobby who should not be there,can this be changed please? Also it needs a "penalties added, time penalties to be added and a replace as a reserve driver who scores points for the team but no driver points and the driver he replaced for a race can return at the following race" options as a host.

    5.When spectating a driver, if they crash resulting in terminal damage, we here the sound of the impact and then the audio drops to diluted sound no matter who you watch, can this be fixed please? 

    6..Drivers who disconnect from the race, there cars stay on the track unghosted and cause major issues, i here this is due an update, do we have any news or confirmation on this?

    7.The host of a session, cannot rejoin that session even if they have been sent invites when they have left the session for whatever reason, this has only been tested during qualifying and the race, is there a reason or fix due on this?

    On our facebook page we also have a pinned post where our drivers or followers can report bugs or issues they find, there have been a few already so far, some we have been able to solve, some, well would be worth taking a look at if you don't mind, just one i will mention is drivers getting a jump start penalty but a safety car comes out and cancels there penalty, and the time the safety car stopped on track suddenly and caused damage to the lead car.

    Here is a link to our pinned bugs report post https://m.facebook.com/#!/story.php?story_fbid=1091841957559214&id=471178849625531

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, Being negative is not my intention, we want to be able to put on a great show of what is looking like the best F1 game by Codemasters so far, with these situations mentioned, it will be difficult for anyone to be able to put on a great showing of there league. For Front Row Racing we do not feel we can start our league season until most of these items are resolved.

    Dave Paling (FrontRowRacin_DP)
  • F1 2015 ERROR creating mass disconnection PS4

    I know my friends and i are not the only ones getting the ERROR no connection message causing mass disconnection, do we have any news on if this is an F1 issue or PSN issue, PSN has been having problems the last few days but this error has been plaguing us for a few weeks now.
  • Re: Strict Corner Cutting Rules

    F1 rules are simple when it comes to track limits,the white lines dictate the edge of the track,kerbs are next to the track they are beyond the white lines,or at some street circuits,the yellow lines,wether cars can gain or not should be and is irrelevant,there is an edge of the track,it is the white line,stay within the white line.codemasters may have in the past accepted kerbs as part of the track and that is where one major issue comes from,get one od your testers to drive at silverstone and see how much off track they are when they use all the kerbs at maggotts and becketts,you will find it is an embarassing amount.for the future of true f1 gamers yes make the track limits penalties harsh,just make sure they are in the correct place,the league i race in Front Row Racing will still enforce the white lines are the edge of the track.