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  • Re: How difficult is it to put the new mercedes nose and has livery into the game?

    maybe as with the last 4 years codies arent allowed by the teams to update the bodywork of the car, at least thats the reason they gave for 2016
  • Re: Can We All Just Calm Down For a Minute?

    The difficulty for many is, over the course of the last few years the same or similar bugs are there at game release and do not get fixed, eventually the frustration takes hold that its the same story, i was a codies supporter, defended them to the hill until 2016 came out,within the first hour i was frustrated and disappointed that a game aimed more to league racing had practically no useable features to make league racing great, my example, safety car didnt work, bugged tyres, wrong yellow flags, wrong blue flags, game crashes, and having to leave the lobby and rejoin at the end of qualifying to be able to see the start of the race from a broadcast view which on many occasions you couldnt get back in.

    Some might see this as a rant but it isnt, i havent bought the game this year, i have kept an eye on the forums and the chats from the league i was an admin in for 5 years and i am seeing the same problems with multiplayer being mentioned that have been there for years, safety car doesnt work, wrong yellow flags, wrong blue flags and so on, not sure about tyres yet but there are many other issues that make multiplayer very difficult to run leagues on.

    Now yes i am sure codies are doing there best to fix these problems and yes it is better if people place informative bug reports, as someone who has chosen to not buy the game but has had the chance to play the game quite a lot i have not been tempted to go and buy it. The best part so far has been the classic cars but it shouldnt be.

    To those who say, "why buy it so early" well for the limited edition with sennas car of course, because we are F1 nuts and we want to race the newest F1 games.

    The part though that really gets me but i want to be proved wrong more than you can imagine is this, there are many people who like yourself have said "look there on it, there fixing the bugs," i have also been that guy by the way for the past few years, and you sit in belief that they will fix it, and all will be well, but the last few years this has not been the case, having ran a league for many years on codies F1 games there have been too many "have we really got to work a way around this issue that shouldnt be there" it became a frustrating disappointment over the years that resulted in me not buying the game.

    I want codies to succeed, i want the F1 game to be great, i understand there will be bugs, they have to be fixed, if codies can do that then i will applaud them, i might even buy the game. However if the same happens with 2017 that happened with 2016 that there were still way too many bugs that did not get a fix or could not be fixed then my support will be crushed.

    To finish, i cant say that i disagree with your post or that i am arguing against your post, just giving my opinion on why some may appear so frustrated.
  • Re: Question: Handling Career vs Multiplayer.

    in career you have to develop your car, online you dont, so it could be a developed version your driving, if it is on equal cars then they should be equal to the merc, that is why it wont handle like a career renault

  • Re: FOM blocked youtube footage at Spain?

    bax said:
    JuanCarMR said:
    You cant do it because it is not editable with youtube editor (it is disappeared) an not downloadable
    Strange... disappeared? Sure?

    We did this way
    I suppose you are admin of you Youtube channel. Procedure (I'm italian so I'm trying to translate my Youtube menus/commands):
    1) open you Youtube channel
    2) above the top banner you can find: number if subscriptions, number of visualizations, video management --> click on Video Management
    3) you will have a complete list of your videos: for each of them you will find some specifications (public or private, blocked or not and why... exact mm.ss of the infringement)
    4) choose the blocked one: you can EDIT the video, you can do some improvement, some CUT
    5) save

    It worked for us, video did not disappear, only hidden to public or to online Youtube downloaders
    You can also if you want to have the full video trim a little off the end of the video and save that as new clip, then also save the little bit you trimmed off, then as soon as the video is processed download it immediately before it gets blocked again, then download the trimmed off bit and you have the full video, thats what i did then covered the screen with an image for the required time to not lose or have to edit the commentary 
  • Re: Suspicious of cheater in Online PC League..

    Tyranium said:
    I am suspicious about someone using enhancing programs in my organised online league..
    Ofcourse I can't prove this. I am the organiser of the league I'm in and last year we had our top two drivers... but this new guy gets a 15 sec advantage out of them like it's nothing, almost impossible..
    Is there something that can be done in co-op with codemasters/steam to ease my mind?? To see if he's really cheating or not.. :-|
    Something FRR have done in the past is ask drivers to provide a video like @Lozzy said, asking the driver to show all aspects of the settings, assists, sub assists, anything that could be altered, this can cause some friction so if you dont want that driver to feel targeted then ask all drivers to do it, from the running of a league point of view you may want to keep each drivers video regarding settings private in case someone has found a legal advantage that they do not want to share and shouldnt be made to share because they are faster, and as a league owner it would take some descretion to not use or share any legal advantages you find, obviously there is a chance the person is cheatin in which case hopefully you find the source, just remember that because someone new is ridiculously quick doesnt always mean there cheating.