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I love racing. Going for the perfectly clean, well executed overtake is the best feeling. If I have to though, I might move you out of my way (no hard feelings).


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  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    So, Williams have announced their new driver. Quite disappointed if I'm honest. I was hoping for Kubica, but obviously they don't feel confident enough with him. 
    Same here. I feel they only pick their drivers based on youth and money. What the heck? Get a driver that will get results.
  • Re: Which was the worst Williams driver line up?

    If you get drivers just because of their money you will most likely have a bad line up.
  • Re: The Stuff Thread

    Hughesy said:
    Got a nice cheque through the post today, once it’s in my account I’m probably buying a PS4 Pro.
    I have been wanting the PRO for a while now. My PS4 500 GB are maxed out. Games are huge now. The PRO's 1TB should help with that.
  • Re: The Stuff Thread

    Nice color choice for that car @Hughesy. I love the red.
  • Re: Lewis Hamilton - Why so many haters?

    AMS97KRR said:

    I guess on a scale of 0 to 100 (50 being neutral) he'd be about 40. And 40 is probably where I'd place most people who are like Lewis, that's just not what I'm like. Vettel or Kimi are quite private people, that speaks to me, hence why I like them. In reality though, I've got no clue what he is like as a friend or anything so I'd never call him a bad person.
    That sums up my thoughts pretty good. I don't like Lewis but I don't hate him either. I don't understand his lifestyle or what he says sometimes, that's all. The reason why I like Seb and Kimi is because they keep to themselves. They are both talented drivers and after the race they seem to be normal people which I really like and respect.