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  • Re: McLaren engine bug still persists for your teammate

    I drive the Williams in my career mode and Stroll is regularly qualifying between 10th and 15th, whereas I am able to get in the top 4.

    Same with race pace.

    I am able to exceed expectations and get podiums etc...while he finishes in much more realistic positions, relative to real world performance, towards the back of the midfield (10th through 16th)..

    Personally, I think Alonso is simply driving the slowest car in the game, and suffering accordingly, and being A.I he is not endowed with the creative thinking and ability you have, coupled with set up differences (his may be much more conservative), and rigid A.I thinking regards strategy and adaptation to circumstance, all of which put him at a disadvantage, and end up seeing him about where he has actually been all year...and the last 3 years...at the back.

    I may well be wrong, but my feeling is you are simply getting that bit extra out of the car.
    Same is happening to me with Lance stroll. As the season goes on the gap between me and him gets bigger and bigger. I wonder if the AI teammates are also getting the upgrades?
  • Re: Is Qualy totally broken in Career mode?

    peyt0n89 said:
    I don't think this is a bug, rather a feature that Codies decided to bring back. The AI gets fake lap times simulated out of thin air when the sessions end, something that was also present in F1 2010. I can't understand why they put it back in.
    No it was a different problem in F1 2010. Fake lap times have always happened when you did the skip forward or end session it's impossible not to! The problem this year compared to 2016 is it putting unrealistic impossible times on.
  • Re: AI are too quick on straights

    I can fly past the AI with ease when slipstreaming. It's overpowered for both the AI and player.

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  • Re: Team Meeting - Dnote's Notes

    I really enjoying F1 2015. Best F1 game I have played since Grand Prix 4. 
  • Re: An update on the F1 2015 Patches

    AI to slow at Monaco. Player starting a lap down and still wins