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  • Re: Liberty Media & FOM

    Kunos Simulationi (Assetto Corsa) is much smaller than CM, and AC has Dedicated Servers. And a much better organized forum.
  • Re: [PC] Keyboard buttons not working

    Simplest solution:


    Had the same problem, tried the above & voila, problem solved.
  • Re: F1 2016 game manual

    This is my biggest critics about the F1-2016 series by Codemasters!
    We have 4 page "Manual" with 0 (Zero) Information!
    And we have a game/Simulation/Simcade covering the most difficult Motorsport-Series in the world (from a technical Point of view!).
    @all the Codemasters Stuff:
    How the bloddy **** hell should anyone not familiar with F1-technical and sporting regulations get a idea of your game?
    How the bloddy **** hell should anyone not familiar with General Racecar Setups get a idea of your game?
    How the bloddy **** hell should anyone not familiar with Graphics/Sound/Game Settings  get a idea of your game?
    Lots of the Posts in this forum are just because the People/YOUR CUSTOMERS don't know how the game/Simulation/Simcade and/or Formula 1 works!! As I've written in my siganture: "I find your lack of communications disturbing". You did some fancy ingame Video tutorials, fine. But they just cover the tip of the iceberg! "What you said? A printed Manual is too expensive?" You're right, a Manual in pdf-format might be much cheaper and more handfull as we might read it on our tablets or Smartphones.
    One more false decision by Codemasters, just like the "Ducking" Feature!!
    F1-2016 is Diamond, but still has it's rough edges.
    @Jennyannem @Hoo @issueskid could you please tell yor customers why there is no proper Manual?

    @2pfspiff @dwin20 There are some poor made tutorial Videos in the Career section, maybe they can answer some of your questions!
  • Re: Don't use mid save in the race!!!

    On the PC (and to some extend on the XBox) this "feature" can easily be solved.
    But on a console from Sony ..... I don't care :smile:
  • Re: When will there be a response about the R & D issue?

    Let's have a look at the crystal ball:
    In about 8 months, maybe 7 months, Codemasters will announce F1-2017. One of the Marketing gags will / might be:

    Improved Career mode!
    Despite the last years inacurancies we decided to develop Career mode to it's next extend. Now you can Change your helmet after every Season. This was one of the most asked Features last year.
    The ressource Points get reset after every Season as do the RnD improvements. You start every Season with a new car. The shuffling of the Teams will remain the same as they left the previous season.

    The most challenging Feature (for our developers) was to get some variance in the Upgrades. Now you might update your car and get little to no effect (as in real life) or it might be a real killer-upgrade. The next Picture describes this better than I can in words:

    (Hint to myself: Look for a new Job if they screw this in any patch)

    The screenshot above is from a shortly released mod making the Career much better!!