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Hengist Wheel Nut

That's great news... It's at least some visible movement with the issue. Thanks for all your efforts, mate.


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  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    I installed WRC 7 yesterday - but with controller joystick then.

    So increasing sensitivity to about 25 or so - it felt all good. More like I am used to on Codemasters stuff - rather small gentle movement to steer.

    Thanks for the post Larios. Although I use a wheel, your post may help someone who's having controller issues.

    I like it when the community tries to help each other. Well done mate.
  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    I've been playing this game for a few days and it's impressive!   
    I'm glad that you're enjoying it mate and are seeing, in the game, the same qualities which I also noted.

    I can understand peoples reluctance to try this title, due to the previous 5 & 6 iterations (which weren't great), but to condem WRC7 out of 'sim snobbery' is not really appropriate. It's a really good, and dare I say, belivable Rally title, from the physics down to the stages.

    I just wish it had a PSVR mode, like DiRT Rally.

  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    There is one thing that I've not mentioned so far, and that's the road surface feel. Yes, as expected, there's a noticeable difference between tarmac, gravel and snow, but what I find impressive, is that the game can replicate even further parameters, e.g.. Apart from staples such as wet and dry tarmac, you can tell the difference between fine dry gravel and claggy wet gravel in this title. The same goes for heavy snow and slush.
  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    That's a pity about your stutter problem. I hope that it gets sorted soon. I'm on the pro, so I get a 30fps experience, which isn't ideal, but at least it appears to be constantly hitting 30fps with no dips or screen tear. The other issue that I had were the in-game default wheel settings for my T300RS which were seriously wrong (I soon changed them). Apart from those two things, I'm very happy with the rest.

    To people who are on the fence about purchasing (possibly based on the previous sub-par in this series) and as one rally fan to another, this title is worth owning.

    *edit: P.S. It also had no problem recognising multiple inputs, so I was able to map my shifter to the handbrake.  :)

  • Re: Lost Brake Bias adjustment.

    When doing a flick, I like to momentarily and partially, lock the front tyres, whilst I transfer the weight forward just before I start the flick. Without being able to adjust the front bias, I'm getting the back end spinning out on me.