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Hengist Wheel Nut

That's great news... It's at least some visible movement with the issue. Thanks for all your efforts, mate.


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  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    I installed WRC 7 yesterday - but with controller joystick then.

    So increasing sensitivity to about 25 or so - it felt all good. More like I am used to on Codemasters stuff - rather small gentle movement to steer.

    Thanks for the post Larios. Although I use a wheel, your post may help someone who's having controller issues.

    I like it when the community tries to help each other. Well done mate.
  • Re: Do you think they will use an excuse?

    Nothing can help a mediocre game to be great dude.. haha >:)
    I never mentioned anything about it being mediocre or great. I was just trying to help someone with their wheel settings.

    Anymore unrelated stuff, that I've not mentioned, which you'd like to get off your chest and tell me about... Dude?  :)

  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    KevM said:
    It’s far from polished, but it’s, at face value, enjoyable.
    The main attraction for me are that the physics feel like a car, in relation to my driving inputs, and they react as I intend them to. Also, as you've mentioned, it is a damn enjoyable experience to boot.  :) 

  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    Thought everyone would enjoy this WRC 7 vs Real Life comparison video I made after running on the Arena Panzerplatte. I did an identical time as Tänak on SS13 this year:
    Cool vid' mate.

    Fedemaisonnave said:
    but the physics are far from being accurate or impressive as the thread says
    I originally stated that I didn't know how 'technically' accurate it was. However, as for the physics being impressive, I still maintain that they are and would have to disagree with you on that.
  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    bogani said:
    the 2017 WRC's behave pretty believable on gravel to me. You can really take advantage of the insane grip the aero gives at speed.
    Some great driving there mate. Thanks for sharing the clip. I enjoyed watching it.