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Hengist Wheel Nut

That's great news... It's at least some visible movement with the issue. Thanks for all your efforts, mate.


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  • Re: Dirt 4 feels abandoned

    I remember DiRT 4. I still have it in my collection, somewhere.  

  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    I feel like living in a surrealism reading these triumph comments for WRC 7 , the game is the worse rally game ever played for me.. These physics had some rally games 20 years back about.. :o
    If that's your opinion, then it's probably best that you stay away from the title and leave it to the bigger boys.  :)

  • The physics in this are impressive.

    I'm not saying that one is better than the other, but this game is worth the entrance fee. Along with physics, the stages are really well done. In the clip below, it looks like I'm out on a Sunday drive (I plan to go full McRae,  once I'm more settled in, lol). Howerver, back to the physics; I don't know how 'technically' accurate they are, but for capturing the essence of how I expect a car to behave, it does that for me. 

    In summary; It's WRC Jim, but not as we know it (apologies for the trek pun).

  • Re: For a VR experience with D4, has anyone tried...

    A wise decision. It's always best to protect, within all reasonable cost, one's own digits. I know this to be a fact, because a piano player in a group once told me. Incidentally, I didn't know her or the band very well, and I never managed to penetrate her intimate circle.
  • Re: The Music of Dirt Rally

    I would really like this to be the menu music...