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Hughesy Champion


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  • Re: Formula E Thread

    Mexicola said:
    I'm not entirely sure how anybody could see what you said as a joke? 
    To be fair, I did. :|

    plz dont fite guis xox
    This is the face I'm pulling at you right now... How was it a joke if it wasn't funny? 

    Hughesy said:
    At least someone did lol.

    I still enjoy the racing to some extent, I'm just not a fan of the series overall and don't follow it closely. Really not sure what I've done to **** you off, last week we were close friends, now you just jump down my throat at every opportunity, nice one...
    Maybe it's from last week where you posted bullshit articles about The Division and in the same post said I was forcing my opinion on others? After clearly stating the game didn't interest you, you still had to get a shot off at it right? I don't understand why you were hating on it, if it doesn't interest you then it doesn't make sense. As for saying that I was forcing my opinion on others, I hadn't even posted in The Game Thread about the bloody game until you posted links with misleading information in them. Yes I'd PM'd with you about it, but the last time I mentioned it was 2 weeks before. How does that count as forcing my opinion on others?
    Did you do any of the missions? Honestly dude, the first hour or so I spent on it I was just confused by the whole thing, but after putting 9 hours into it there's so many cool things, so many awesome little details  It is essentially Destiny but with a lot of added little things heh. There was moments every now and then where we were playing, and both of us would just be like "This game is **** awesome" lol. 

    Just give it more time dude, doesn't seem great to start with, but it does get better and better. And it's a lot more fun when you aren't playing alone!

    Lame dude p I really think you shoulda given it more of a chance and played with us, it's a much better game than I was expecting it to be.

    I'm gutted you don't like it man lol, been playing it again with Martin tonight, we're both massively looking forward to the main game release  We've been playing mostly in a part called the Dark Zone with other players, last night sucked because so many people were dicks and shot us for no reason. Tonight's been awesome, we hooked up with a group of about 7 other players and just went up against AI, no one backstabbed anyone else and we were all healing and reviving each other  When we did run up against rogue players (it marks them red for killing other players) we had a shootout, then their rogue status timed out and made them normal players again, but made us rogue because we were still shooting lol. So we bailed, they chased, after a short while our rogue status timed out and they stopped shooting, did the salute emote at us and ran off lol. It was cool!

    And I still think you're missing out p The beta was excellent, I'm massively looking forward to getting home and loading it up p 

    No need to keep attacking the game just because you thought it was boring dude, to me it's awesome.

    Thing is though, I consider add on packs with in-game skins and clothing as DLC, not microtransactions. A microtransaction to me is something you can pay for so you don't have to wait for something in game and can progress quicker, The Division doesn't have that. 

    Also, the server issues, GTA Online had much much bigger server problems when it was launched, yet you love GTA Online just as much as I do p 

    Another thing about the map and DLC, Destiny did the exact same thing but you enjoyed that game  

    And you barely scratched the surface when you played the beta, you never even tried out the Dark Zone which is easily one of the most fun things about The Division! If you'd stayed on it, played some with Martin and I and still didn't like it then fair enough. But I just don't think you gave it enough of a chance, and you were already calling it boring before trying it so you were pretty much predisposed to not like it unfortunately bud.

    But just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others will feel the same way, I loved the beta, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna feel the same way about the full game.
    Nowhere did I said others won't enjoy the game, I said "I" found it boring.

    So all of this, none of it said I should get the game and that I'm missing out no? Even though I made my opinion clear on the subject? The only thing that's lame is you going Donald Trump bat **** crazy on me just because I don't like a game. Won't say no more on the subject or ruin this thread anymore, just has me all confused as to how you've reacted towards me.