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  • Re: Gran Turismo Sport: Does Anyone Own This Yet and Have You Played It?

    Nope and I have no plans to. It has about as much content as GT 5 prologue. For online I’m sure it’s great, but I’m not paying to play a game online, as I already pay for my broadband. Honestly PD have lost it, they were once kings of racing, the GT series is what got me interested in racing games. But now it takes them 10 years to release games and they are somehow still unfinished. It only has 6 real world tracks, and most of what made GT special is gone.
  • Re: 2017 Pooji TV Japanese Grand Prix

    @AMS97KRR It’s pretty pathetic isn’t it, he had a good reason for being late as his car was broken. 
  • Re: BTCC discussion

    So I’ve only just started watching race 3 as my Bro was round. But I am buzzing right now. Haha you **** Turkington, you deserved that you cheating ****
  • Re: BTCC discussion

    So Turkington just cheated to get 1st place, surely has to get a penalty.
  • Re: Alternative to DRS

    I don't mean to poo on your idea, but I can't see it working. The flaps would have to be standard across all cars, and each car is different and uses downforce differently, so it would probably cause more issues. Personally I've never been a fan of DRS, overtaking just because you can go faster isn't exciting for me, less overtakes that required skill to get past excites me a lot more. Until they simplify the front wings and go back to ground effect it's always going to be tricky to follow.