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Hughesy Champion


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  • Re: 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Pee

    I’m still giving Stroll a chance, yea he’s been pretty slow, but at times he has been quick. It was too much too soon, but next year he needs to perform and show improvement.
  • Re: 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Pee

    That logo is just awful. It looks like an r, ruined 1 now. They probably spent millions designing it, logos are meant to be easily recognisable, that’s the perpose and they have failed. Really starting the doubt these new owners are going to change F1 for the better.... 
  • Re: The Stuff Thread

    My 4k HDR tv is here and it looks amazing. Thought I’d watch The Grand Tour in 4k HDR for the first time, and OMG it’s stunning! HDR makes such a huge difference, but poor old Clarkson looks even older lol. I can’t really put into words what a difference it and 4k makes, If you haven’t seen a HDR screen that’s probably for the best, but since I played Horizon 3 using it at a mates house I’ve wanted a TV that supports it.
  • Re: The Stuff Thread

    Hughesy said:
    Coffee machine broke this morning, so had to make a trip to McDonald’s to get one, was served by a really good looking woman, every cloud and all that... 
    I hate living in a hard water area though, it ruins everything.
    I think Maccas coffee taste better than some dedicated coffee places.
    So do I, plus it’s a lot cheaper.
  • Re: 2017 Mexicolan Grand Prix

    Oh look Vettel ramming someone again. Totally ruined the race between him, Hamilton and Max, I was really looking forward to watching those three race.