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  • Re: BTCC discussion

  • Re: BTCC discussion

    @RevolvingPrawn Haha Turkington only qualified 17th  :D
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  • Re: Alternative to DRS

    Hughesy said:
    I don't mean to poo on your idea, but I can't see it working. The flaps would have to be standard across all cars, and each car is different and uses downforce differently, so it would probably cause more issues. Personally I've never been a fan of DRS, overtaking just because you can go faster isn't exciting for me, less overtakes that required skill to get past excites me a lot more. Until they simplify the front wings and go back to ground effect it's always going to be tricky to follow. 

    Unfortunately, in F1 right now, being faster isn't anywhere near enough to overtake - you need to be a great deal faster to make the overtake, as the dirty air makes such a difference - I think I remember hearing a driver has to be about 3 seconds quicker a lap just to stay in the dirty air, let alone make the overtake.

    With regards to how I would suggest it working, I would suggest flaps on the sidepods, that have specified dimensions, and extend to a specified angle - of course, it may help some cars slightly more than others, but that is the same with DRS - if a car has a rear wing that produces more drag, it has a greater effect.

    That's why I said they should use ground effect, you'd then have simple front wings and the ability to follow better. F1 has mostly always had issues with overtaking, but I'm not of the view that more overtakes means better races. I'd much rather see a driver push himself to the limit to make an overtake. Look at Indy when they do ovals, the overtakes mean nothing nor are they exciting until the end, as they swap so many times. Obviously that creates the unknown, you don't know who's going to win, but it doesn't make the actual racing more exciting. Horner said last year that the new rules would make it hard to overtake, but the powers  that be didn't listen and just thought faster lap times would make it more exciting.
    It's a good discussion though.  :)
  • Re: 2017 Versace Italian Grand Prix

    Stroll walking into the paddock tomorrow