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  • Re: Gran Turismo Sport: Does Anyone Own This Yet and Have You Played It?

    McStanley said:
    How was Gran Turismo 5 and 4 unfinished. I enjoyed them both. I still do. I have done over 47,000 miles in total on Gran Turismo 5!

    Most of the cars in GT5 were ported  directly from GT4 because they rushed the game out (even though they had bloody years to complete it) also the career mode was tiny in comparison to GT4 or against Forza. If you read into the development they had major issues making the game, it wasn’t up to spec vs previous GT games or the competition. It also struggled to stay at 60fps, which for me was a huge issue in a racing game that goes for perfection.

    I still put a lot of hours into it, as the driving model was great, but GT6 was what GT5 should have been, but when you compare it to what Forza was doing in a shorter amount of time as well, it’s clear PD isn’t the same as it once was.
  • Re: Gran Turismo Sport: Does Anyone Own This Yet and Have You Played It?

    It was a slight exaggeration, but GT5 was an unfinished game, so between 4 and 6 there was a big gap, even then GT6 wasn’t finished. The online system is great, as it follows/copies iRacing rank system, so if you drive dirty then you will be moved to face similar drivers. If Forza 7 had that system it would be a perfect game. Forza 7s content with GT Sports online system would make for a perfect game. I just don’t get what happened to PD, 1 to 4 was amazing, after that it all went downhill.
  • Re: The Game Thread!

    Nice I can now record videos on my Nintendo Switch, welcome to the 21st century Nintendo. It’s only the last 30 seconds, but it’s a start.

    Edit: Not quite 21st century, it’s only supported in a few games, Fifa isn’t one currently, which is a shame as I’m scoring some cracking goals. Hopefully EA add support for it.
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  • Re: Motorsport Stuff thread

    That sounds fun, although reading the 180 page rule book doesn’t  :# Well done though.
  • Re: 2017 Pooji TV Japanese Grand Prix

    I think they really need to sort out the Virtual Safety Car. At the last one (and I think the first one too just don't have the numbers), Verstappen was 2.x behind Hamilton, but by the end Hamilton was ahead by 5.x. Had that not been the case, Verstappen might have had an extra lap or so to battle Hamilton for the win. I get why VSC Is a thing, and I think it's a good thing, but this isn't the first time the gaps haven't been kept. It goes both ways too.

    How are they actually enforced? Do the drivers just have a delta to follow? Or is it like slow zones at Le Mans where the drivers are actually speed limited?

    They have a delta to follow, each sector they have an earliest time of arrival. Brundle explained why there was a difference, but I forgot what he said as I’m suffering from a concussion.
    Vettel is on his last warning after he was late to the national anthem, one more warning and he gets a 10 place penalty.