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Hughesy Champion


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  • Re: The Game Thread!

    Just got goosebumps playing Forza 7 in 4k HDR for the first time, man it looks good. I’m now sat here watching the replay as it looks that good. Ironically Forza wasn’t hard to get running at 4k 60fps (considering Microsoft’s past) even though my 980 is getting old. 
  • Re: What was your last purchase

    I’m going to be like a kid waiting for Christmas tonight, I really hope it comes early tomorrow. I was originally going to go for the next model down in the range, but I wanted one with Android TV built in rather than just a few apps, plus it has some extra picture quality stuff. It also has Alexa support, which Amazon have on offer, but I can’t see myself buying one just yet when I’ve spent so much.

  • Re: What was your last purchase

    Couldn’t hold out any longer, bought the TV I wanted. But was annoyed as well, it was £539, but by the time I bought it it went up to £599. I think I deserve something nice considering all the stress I’m under as I have a court case coming up from the accident I had in 2015. For once this year I won’t be spending a lot on presents for my family. It’s such a weight off my shoulders, as all day for the past week I’ve been constantly thinking about that TV.

  • Re: What was your last purchase

    That’s the TV I want to get, sadly I’m getting a new car in December, if it was £100 cheaper then I could get it.
  • Re: The Game Thread!

    Playing LA Noire remaster on Switch, it looks and plays great. It also doesn’t look any different compared to the PS4 version, so they have done a great job with the Switch version.

    Edit: Sweet, my copy of Skyrim for Switch just turned up a day early. 
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