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  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Watch out lads, I have a massive bite.

    You're just mad because he isn't getting a drive at Ferrari, like he was ever in with a chance. The only person crying about it is you, as you wanted to carry on arguing that he will drive for Ferrari, nice job...
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  • Re: Are you CM fanboys going to continue to defend Codemasters after watching this?

    SASBlink said:
    Therefore in life if i am not happy with something, and show my disapointment, i am then a troll?? What a ridiculous thing to say!  You even follow the letter of CM employees now?? And you call me a Nazi!! Seems you have your own regime starting!! LOL

    hammymansell said:
    Ok i'll do that.......... Gives me more time to jump on your mummy, that gave you the money for the game!!! 

    Maybe not now on the dole but all the time you spend here spamming my comments with your bum chums and playing games, gives you less time to study, pass your exams and get a job!!! 

    are you a troll? fom the quote i given you then yes.

    I will quote it again. 

    Freedom of speech doesn't allow someone to go crazy and throw abuse around as they see fit. It's only trolls you ever see mention "freedom of speech" as a defence against their actions.

     its seems your own comments reveal the truth.

    It seems your denial about this game and that it's wonderful when in fact, it's below average, just shows what a narrow minded person you are!! As the Nazis said: Ja herr wir haben Möglichkeiten, Ihnen zu sprechen !! 'Yes sir we have ways of making you talk'!! (and in this case believe and love everything about CM) Fanboy!! 
    Not trying to start an argument with you but, who are you to tell people they aren't allowed to enjoy this game? If you enjoy it or not it's upto that person. Some people enjoy it some don't, some post criticisms in a constructive way and some don't. It doesn't make someone a fan boy if they enjoy the game. I like the game but have some problems with it. 1. AI lap times are too fast in the wet & 2. The Williams has a Renualt engine instead of a Mercedes engine.
     It's not hard to post negatives without spouting abuse at others or the game developers. Just post the problems you have without all the anger, and if you don't like what others are saying just ignore them, otherwise you'll go around in circles. ;)