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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Accro2008 said:
    Welp I know what my next purchase is.

    This handbrake/sequential shifter is 3 characters too short.
    Lol, 90% metal.
    well we have DSD,Fanatec,ProSim,Heussinkveld ,Rcimotech etc.........................But hope this one is affordable for all rally fans!!!!
    Maybe it's because I'm in the States, but the Fanatec shifter and handbrake weren't THAT expensive. If cost bothers you you could make your own hydraulic one for around $60 (Or whatever currency you may use)
    I found my Fanatec parts to be about the same cost as TM, but they didn't light themselves on fire. And the shifter is 100% metal and weighs half a ton.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Areyouben said:
    I got a reply on my question regarding the movement of the cars in the trailer. They're saying that the physics in this is not what's in the game and that they'll show real gameplay soon. Yet another developer joining the 'soon' cult.  :*
    Why do devs even do CG trailers? The CG wasn't that great, and in a racing game it's entirely unnecessary anyways. This did nothing but make me question why it isn't at least in engine..
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    bogani said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    i guess someone was promoting it.just media. one thing that does make me chuckle is all the comments from wheel manufactures and people commenting about Fanatec and Thrustmaster expensive set ups are needed. when all or 90 percent of all the records broken in racing and rally games are done on cheaper logitech wheels :D. i guess you have to sell your product but if you dont know that your product isnt making the records dont say it is. :)
    It's commonly known that if you want to be as fast as possible in racing sims, don't go for an authentic setup of your wheel. Low DOR and low FFB is the way to go. People even turn FFB off completely to be fast.
    Very true, but I don't understand how people get used to "driving" like that. It's absolutely bizarre for me.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    i agree, millions work from home.Face to face is thing of the past ,unfortunately.And i have better internet at home :)
    You have better internet that a local connection inside a building? I highly doubt that.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
    JZStudios said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    JZStudios said:
    dgeesi0 said:
     new tech is coming in and new ideas.if you focus on old and dont change then you wont change.

    mclaren for eg are taking esports very serious and putting in big money.other companies are aswell.as it grows the games will change and cater for esports aswell. the tech is there to make sim racing as life like as possible.the whole package needs to come together.it is slowly.

    its already proven the top end sim racers can actually make good real life racers. one of the reasons mclaren is getting involved.

    But again, NONE of the games as they currently sit look anything like a competent "new" product. Sim racing is extremely disinteresting if you think about how it has almost actually gotten worse since GT2 10 years ago. I love racing, but I struggle to pull out my wheel and set up to play because everything is so lifeless, sterile, and boring, and no one asks for change. AC FINALLY made a big deal about how their AI finally works after years of telling people to just deal with it and rabid fanboys attacking any one.
    Every time there's been a major eSports sim racing event it's been awful. I don't care about it, but I also don't care about real sports, but when every event has just lost money and made a mockery of itself it's not a good business practice. Not to mention that making games for eSports (Like GT Sport) starts to heavily push towards always online only, with little to no career or meaningful progression. And in GT Sports case, some cars just dominate period. It just doesn't work in sim racing.
    That would be the most reasonable route. Just make a game to be really good and really fun. Pack it full of features and please will someone bring back split-screen. Its so much more fun sitting next to your friend then trying to talk over the stupid internet.
    That would be cool. I REALLY miss split screen and hate that it's gone the way of the dinosaurs. I kind of want to see if I get a side by side split screen game and set it up as dual monitor if I can just have each person have their own monitor... That'd be really cool.

    if i look at what you saying you dont look like the person who wants to be involved in esports or watch it. so will even the perfect racing rally game make you interested ? esports is rapidly growing at a ferocious speed.you may not think so it is ! in a few years it will be stable tv and a lot more common with big tournements.the thing is many or some are not thinking " future " .. the thing is you have to be in early anything new or you last. thats why companies are pushing it and putting money in.

    esports racing has only grown so i dont get what you are saying to be honest.you may struggle to play racing rally games that doesnt mean others do.look at the bigger picture.

    the F1 2017 event was massive.you may not like it im not a F1 person either but ..it wasnt awful it attracted massive media.it was live on sky sports.it made advances that hadnt previously been done.so the event gained rather than lost.the thing is you may lose money to gain in a area for later to be succesful ! as i said previously to be in the driving seat of anything you have to push you have to risk things you have to spend money. if you want to be a factor in anything to come.

    esports is mainly about teams vs teams or people vs people. its not about playing a campaign.why would it be ? its about the skill of the people competing of the sport they are taking part.not finishing a single player game.their needs to be excitement of challenger vs challenger.

    its not perfect yet but that takes time to perfect the showing of these events.its new it will take time effort and money. also understanding of what works and doesnt work.

    esports maybe not tick your box but it will for many others for the community and thats the point to look at the bigger picture.esports racing / rallying is going to be big.very big.people just either have no vision or just do see it yet.
    I guess I don't know anything about the F1 event. Maybe it went well, but that would make it THE first to ever not be a colossal **** show and waste resources. iRacing is BUILT around competition and every "major" race they have has had connection issues, pitiful views and the chat gets turned off EVERY TIME. There was a Vegas eSports event, which took place in a poor mod of... rFactor I believe... in which people voted for their "favorite" driver to give him a boost, which ended up being abused, the winner was a cheater, and they had to revoke his stupid trophy to give to second place, not to mention all the same aforementioned issues.
    It has NOTHING to do with my ability to play a **** game. People just don't care about the real sport, let alone the grown ass men acting like children and maxing out 3 credit cards to build a Domino's racing rig with custom fire suit to play in his moms basement.

    Let's look at fighting game competitions, there's obviously a lot of drama and **** talk before the game actually starts, but at the end of the day, when the match starts it's more interesting than virtual race cars, and people only watch it to make fun of nerds cry because they lost. That's it.

    I will agree though, I have zero interest in eSports, so what? I can't talk about dumb it is and how it pushes even further away from giving us what we actually want?
    Operator1 said:

    JZStudios said:
    everything is so lifeless, sterile, and boring, and no one asks for change

    LOL! I beg to differ: lots of people have been asking for change for years but are often met with defensive dismissals like "quit whining, stop being so entitled, don't be so impatient, nothing is perfect, can't please everybody, grow up, it's just a game, why are you such a hater, don't you have anything better to do with your life besides complaining, I'm sick of all the toxic negativity, I'd like to see you make a better game, go play something else if you don't like it," etc.

    Quite a lot of people prefer to unconditionally defend games instead of advocate for progress, which has helped usher in this new era of 'lifeless, sterile, & boring' recycled games.

    Hence what I said about rabid fanboys. They don't ask for change, they just accept and defend mediocrity. Anyone who does gets ousted then just stops caring because it just doesn't matter that much.
    i get its not for you as said previously i dont think even set up right you would probably watch it or be involved with it.

    as for credit cards and getting high end rigs sitting in moms basement. i use for eg a £50 wheel.thats it.you dont need super duper rigs to be fast.all expensive rigs get you is realism and mostly slower.most of the fastest people use cheap wheels.so nothing what you saying is relating to anything of truth.you have your opinion though.

    as for the tile system of Dirt 4 if it could be truly infinite then yes it could be ideal but it isnt.so i would take real life tracks done well over generated until the system can be perfected.even then im not sure if i would pick a generated track over a perfect sweet lamb . the tracks need soul they need to have the right bends fast bits. a computer doesnt feel that. man does ! computer could generate what it thinks is great but be dull and boring. true it maybe unpredictable but if its not truly fun or exciting people wont enjoy it.
    But happens, has happened, will happen, and the idiots keep urging people like that along. NO ONE maxes out 3 credit cards to play DOTA or LOL or rocket league or whatever. I mean, those guys are nerds and everyone expects it, but the sim racing guys all actually man children. Hey, if you get into a eSports league or whatever with your $50 wheel, then that's awesome, I'll root for you. Maybe you'll be the only normal ish person there. Until then, sim racing is chock full of grown ass men in diapers.