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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    SkyRex said:
    tbtstt said:
    sqdstr said:
    Not gossip but anyone else on here who watches the Grand Tour?
    Just watched the season 2 preview trailer on amazon and there was a Martini Lancia 037 in it.
    I watched the first season and was, for the most part, very disappointed. I hope season 2 will be an improvement, the inclusion of a 037 is a step in the right direction!
    Yeah, GT lost some of the TG flair, it really felt a bit americanized, but maybe they've learned for season 2. Also watched the new TG, which also wasn't as good as the old, but they seem to learn and focus more on Rory and Chris (H. not Evans), who might really make TG their own now.

    What I really miss are those specials though. Anyone seen the TG North Pole, Patagonia, Birma, River Nile or Botswana Specials ? Those were the days
    I really wish I knew what you guys meant by "Americanized" considering Clarkson and the gang are all the scriptwriters and the Americans also hate the "American" stuff. GT just feels way too scripted. The part James did on the Ford GT40 was cool.... which Tbsttstttststtststtsts mentioned. So I'll just stop talking.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    gfRally said:
    Whilst waiting for gossip, here's Ken Block doing DIRTy like thing:

    I was there back in April, this is an awesome place to see, like another planet.  
    Like if you made the sky purple it'd be in Star Trek?

    I live in a fairly dusty place, and as much fun as it is to get DiRTy, I hate the feeling of being coated with dirt. I'd want immediate access to a shower and change of clothes.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    BadD0g said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    or its just a dirt rally shot :D                              
    Hey, where's your wildly speculative spirit? This thread has been down on the tin-foil hat conspiracy energy lately, we'll take anything we can get.
    Unfortunately, the color grading, models, lighting, and background trees all suggest DR. I mean, we could tin foil hat it into something.... but... the energy and charisma just isn't there.
  • Re: Dirt Rally - Why Still So Expensive?

    Alf72 said:
    mesa said:
    Because Dirt Rally still the Best available rally simulator on the market now.
    If i had to guess, i'd say exactly the same words as Mesa. If you don't wanna pay full price, keep an eye on the game because, sooner or later, eventually, it will be on sale.
    I'd still honestly say it's not worth $60. $40 tops.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    kobeshow said:
    gfRally said:
    JZStudios said:
    tbtstt said:
    Not DiRT related, but it's been announced that Forza Motorsport 7 won't have any Toyota production cars, only racing models. Toyota's licensing is becoming a law unto themselves!
    An exclusive license deal with Polyphony perhaps? Be interesting to see what makes it into GT Sport.
    Somehow I don't believe that, though they are Japanese, so it could be true. Think Forza 6 and H3 had to skip on VW altogether for some reason.
    Real shame, and it's weird that they won't license out the street cars. Even AC has a few. I always liked the MR2, but I don't want to buy an Xbone just for Forza when my wheel won't work with it. Really hope they manage to make the Win10 version actually work.
    I might be late on this, but I just noticed the Hyundai R5 rally car is available for purchase as a DLC now 

    The Team Booster Pack is available as well http://store.steampowered.com/app/437121/Team_Booster_Pack/
    Figures. And it's the worst possible outcome. Selling the pre-order bonus is always bullshit.
    Not sure what you paid for your copy and can't remember what the pre-order price was, but the 2 packs only cost $5 total, not exactly braking the bank, and if  you didn't pay the retail price anyhow, possibly you are still getting the base+DLC for less than the initial pre-order.  Not trying to argue at all, I know DLC is somehow taboo around here, but I don't think its that big of a deal.  
    Maybe he is coming from a different perspective, maybe he is mad because he wanted the pre-order car, so he bought the game in advnace without waiting for reviews, and is now left disappointed. Would CM have told us that the car will be there as DLC after release he may have ended up not buying the game, but if he liked it he might not mind paying a little extra to get the car.
    Preorder just seemed to be a way to secure sales then, if the DLC is available for everyone now, without properly communicating that prior to release.
    I'm sure I can find the direct quote from @kickup somewhere in the gossip, but paraphrasingly he said "because of the suits, preorder was the only way to get the car into the game"
    Partly true there too. Before launch I asked Kickup if it would ever become available, hopefully for free. He didn't say free, and I'm pretty sure he just said it might happen. So, in lieu of any confirmation I did pre-order a few hours before release, and everyone is fairly disappointed in the current handling.
    SkyRex said:
    please CM, if you have to use those nefs archives, maybe next time make smaller chunks of them...
    It's really bad for my SSD if it has to rewrite all the gigabytes for every small patch...

    By the way, how are clubs coming along? Once I'm ze fearless h-shifter historic champion I will need those sweet sweet leagues against real players ;)

    I can't even update my game without uninstalling something else.