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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    tbtstt said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    JZStudios said:
    Good for them if it encourages player numbers, but personally no interest at all if it's on the same 15-20km of tiles as I've driven over 100s of times already. At least it's with one of the better handling cars. I presume that's what the week's mooted road book will be about too. Sorry to be a Grinch, but 'meh'; I'm not a world beater and whilst I enjoy online racing (albeit prefer offline), this isn't for me.

    Will leave my negative vibes here, won't clog up the announcement thread.
    I'd have to agree. It might be fun for Luke, Porky, and Dgeesi0, but other than that.... 
    i will be honest it for dirt 4 so doubt i will do it. also most likelt wont be able to make event anyways. no point in entering if cant make it . that happened last time we had this for dirt rally on sweet lamb.i won it but couldnt go.
    If you - or anyone else - wants to win in by playing the whole thing online, then I am willing to go to Silverstone to drive the RX2 for you. ;)
    There you go @dgeesi0 , do it for tbstesttestbest.
    Maybe they'll let him have a spin if we all vote for him like we did with the PS4 copy. :P
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    How have I never seen this? This is brilliant.

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    carpa said:
    20 new comments in the DiRTy Gossip Thread:

    they're about how to pronounce "FJORD" correctly.
    For a brief moment, the clouds parted, and there was gossip. Then someone mentioned fjords, and the clouds rolled back over
    There's only one right way, and it's with goofy **** as opposed to anything useful. That's your break in the clouds.

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Oh, and in other completely unrelated news, Civilization 3 is now free on the Humble Store for a limited time.
  • Re: D4 Vs. DR graphics

    After playing lots of D4 in various combinations  (stages / weather / time of day / car),  I come to the conclusion that it looks darn good, while being a bit skeptical at first. D4 has very different visual aesthetics than DR (which looks good in its own way) in the lighting and color grading department. DR looks more grim and serious (which is valid aesthetics choice) while D4 looks more vibrant in various weather/time of day conditions. On a rainy stage, D4 is far better looking.
    See, here you're comparing "Aesthetics" as opposed to "Graphics." In 3d, aesthetics is more like the theme or feeling, graphics is the actual visible fidelity, and that includes everything I've talked about here (Minus the Ford.)
    Aesthetics includes color grading, tone, art style, most post processing effects, etc...
    Graphics includes models, textures, lighting, shaders, etc...
    So with both games they're shooting for realism, and I yet again side with D4. DR has some cool vistas, especially in Greece. There's nothing quite like racing flatout on the edge of a cliff drop off on one side, and a cliff face on the other, especially with triple screens as you can see everything.
    However DR has some ugly desaturated colors and most tracks have a brownish color grading on them that looks pretty bad. Take both Greece and Wales for example, why do the greens not look green?

    So, I really like Greece because it's very similar to where I live, and I can't help but think that this ENTIRE mountainside must be seriously dying. I can't think of any other reason those plants would be so grey. It's like it's the worst drought Greece has ever seen. I literally live in the desert where we don't get rain for months and there's way more actual green everywhere. And it's incredibly brown here. Greece does not look realistic. Plants are green with chlorophyll, but in DR it's like they're all dead. Oh, and in DR nothing really looks the same... I know that certain bushes/trees have different shades of green, but the way it is in DR is pretty nuts. Wales in particular has really, really dark trees but super bright grass. It's just weird.
    D4 has natural colors, and if it is PBR, then well... that pretty much settles it. PBR has the advantage of looking 100% correct in every lighting condition. The shaders in DR require all sorts of shader tweaks and lighting hacks to look okay for select environments, probably also why D4 has many more time of day selection options. For some reason people said Australia specifically looks like a cartoon? I really don't understand that.
    Look at that green in that Greek mountain. Look at that super green bush that's clearly much greener than it is in DR.
    Brown is the mortal enemy of aesthetics and yet people defend it like crazy.