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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    cjl9 said:
    More bad news. I've almost given up on this forum because I rarely find any DiRT Rally threads. :'(
    Awww, don't give up yet. I think Christina still owes us a roadbook or something...
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
     new tech is coming in and new ideas.if you focus on old and dont change then you wont change.

    mclaren for eg are taking esports very serious and putting in big money.other companies are aswell.as it grows the games will change and cater for esports aswell. the tech is there to make sim racing as life like as possible.the whole package needs to come together.it is slowly.

    its already proven the top end sim racers can actually make good real life racers. one of the reasons mclaren is getting involved.

    But again, NONE of the games as they currently sit look anything like a competent "new" product. Sim racing is extremely disinteresting if you think about how it has almost actually gotten worse since GT2 10 years ago. I love racing, but I struggle to pull out my wheel and set up to play because everything is so lifeless, sterile, and boring, and no one asks for change. AC FINALLY made a big deal about how their AI finally works after years of telling people to just deal with it and rabid fanboys attacking any one.
    Every time there's been a major eSports sim racing event it's been awful. I don't care about it, but I also don't care about real sports, but when every event has just lost money and made a mockery of itself it's not a good business practice. Not to mention that making games for eSports (Like GT Sport) starts to heavily push towards always online only, with little to no career or meaningful progression. And in GT Sports case, some cars just dominate period. It just doesn't work in sim racing.
    That would be the most reasonable route. Just make a game to be really good and really fun. Pack it full of features and please will someone bring back split-screen. Its so much more fun sitting next to your friend then trying to talk over the stupid internet.
    That would be cool. I REALLY miss split screen and hate that it's gone the way of the dinosaurs. I kind of want to see if I get a side by side split screen game and set it up as dual monitor if I can just have each person have their own monitor... That'd be really cool.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
    JZStudios said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    bogani said:
    First look at DLC Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross  and Brand Hatch Rallycross Historic. for Project Cars 2

    teribble driving, but the game dosent look that bad. 
    I Hope,according to this tweet,  https://twitter.com/Hatward/status/938451842501144576
    this was postet on Dec.6 and they said in couple of weeks...
    We should get news on update (DLC) very soon for Dirt 4? Who knows, maybe will be out for/before Christmas..

    Oh that tweet probably only refers to e-sports.. Sadly
    Oh no, are they going to commit the cardinal sin of forcing esports on a game when the players arent interested? Esports needs to come naturally from a competitive scene. Or else it will just turn into an unpopular mess.
    car racing / rally games is the next big thing for esports.so it shouldnt come as a surprise really. most car games will push for this now. already some are in place to do so.
    I don't care for esports at all, but every racing one that's been setup has been a major **** show and done nothing but drain funds and interest.
    you maybe dont but its a big thing for the games involved and the people competing or watching. for eg myself it gives me a reason to push and play the games and do the best i can at them.with possible great rewards. so it makes putting in that extra effort worth doing. the prizes and money being offered now by games is no laughing matter. giving away hundreds of thousands of pounds in money real cars all sorts. also like the F1 event thats just been on which was a big event even if you dont like f1 it brings people to the community .

    if codies can get rally eveny for esports the same as what they doing for f1 then it is a big thing.
    That's a nice sentiment n all, bur I agree with PRC's viewpoint. Anyone not already in the sim crowd will see games like iRacing and Assetto Corsa, question why they're using games straight out of 2002, meanwhile the actual participants are capitalizing on poor track boundaries and using techniques that shouldn't work in the real world, as well as having gimmicks and cheats in the main championship to make you go faster to win, then having you're first place rescinded because it was found that you're cheating.
    That doesn't even mention the abysmally low interest even from people that ARE in the sim community. Let's also not forget the declining popularity of the real motor racing series, much less watch a bunch of nerds get all heated up and cry over a shitty game they're cheating in. Game competitions have always been a thing, but the whole eSports seems like it's just a window for the goober viewing hole.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    JZStudios said:
    Today PRC shut down entirely, which I find immensely disappointing. Where am I supposed to find actual reports on the poor quality of sim racing games?
    Three possibilities:

    1. Shutting shop
    2. Software update
    3. Ian Bell revoked his contrct
    According to a tweet he did, he closed it due to "conflicting interests" now that he's a contractor and driver for SMS. Which means he's being paid by them enough to warrant closing his blog as opposed to retiring.
    I also agree that some of the stuff he wrote did contain some misinformation or half truths he should've fact checked first, but on the whole it was a good place to see how childish the developers are, how rabid the crazed fans are, and just how little the genre has progressed. I might be tempted to call it regression.
    I mean, my FIRST interaction with racing games and a wheel was NFS 3, which for some reason is like it never existed, and GTR on my brothers friends Logitech wheel, then on a gamepad. I bought a new wheel 2 years ago only to find out that games are only slightly better in graphics and that's kind of about it. I mean, I basically got banned from the AC forums for daring to say that Forza looks better. Most are really just poor, buggy, boring, hotlap sims. Austin was the only one to point out that very little has changed in nearly 15 years.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Today PRC shut down entirely, which I find immensely disappointing. Where am I supposed to find actual reports on the poor quality of sim racing games?