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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    JZStudios said:
    JZStudios said:
    Physics looks rubbish, I didnt thought C3 WRC suspension was that bad :D

    But stage doesn't look that bad, indeed I would like to give it a go with proper physics  :/ 
    Edit: It is wide buuut coming from Kylotton it isn't a 8 lane highway
    I can't understand the French, but where the hell is that stage supposed to be? A volcano? Weird landscape to have massive boulders like that all over and cliff faces, but only light gravel.
    It's El Cóndor-Copina in Argentina and it's spot on. I've driven it many times in a road car.

    And that guy that can't drive straight is actually a good omen for the new physics model. That's exactly what happens to my buddies when they come over and try DiRT Rally.
    Ehh, It just looks like it has a bunch of big random (probably repeated) boulders everywhere. Sure I haven't been there, but in the pictures it looks more like a normal mountain.
    I mean, it's still a bit crazy, but not like in the game.

    I think what really gets me is in game there just "happens" to be a road exactly wide enough through the two essential cliff faces down the descent. I don't doubt cliffs or big boulders but a miraculous solid wall of clearly not excavated rock on both sides? Just weird looking.
    That fan footage looks like it's from the latter parts of the stage. The WRC games have always focused on the ambiance from the first half of the stage where the boulders and suspension bridges are:

    Hmm. It's not terrible, but IRL the road does look more carved and excavated with the dirt mounds and low stone walls that seem absent from the game. Also, most of the cliffs are only on the uphill side and not both, and not usually near the scale shown in the game. And based off that Wales picture, they have an issue with scale.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    JZStudios said:

    The sad thing is, checking the forums used to be the highlight of my day, and now I don't even have that. Think it's time to break out the Simon and Garfunkel.

    I can mention the Toyota S1E22B WRC to start an argument if you want?
    I mean, you could, but I don't know anything about the Toyota S1E22B WRC STI Superleggera SS  for it to make any difference to me.

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    carpa said:
    You know there IS something wrong with the DiRT community when the Gossip Thread is kept alive by helicopters
    I could talk about how our shop is almost ready to go into production for UAVs, which are kind of like horizontal helicopters.
  • Re: D4 Vs. DR graphics


    I agree with you largely although I would argue that in the real world, nature has rarely eye popping colors and it is more on the pastel side and subdued (including in that mountain photo you posted). Games depicting nature have this huge tendency to overdo vibrant colors so it stands out more, but in the end it often looks more "gamey" if not careful. It is very difficult to portray greens  properly in games, in particular grass but also vegetation in general.
    D4 lighting is better than DR's, no question, although it (to me) sometimes look more "gamey" saturated. Which is OK as an artistic choice.
    Note that many people like saturated colors in games as shown by the popularity of the Reshade tool and similar. Personally, I really like games
    that go for a more desaturated look and toned down colors, although for D4 I do not mind and I think they did a great job. Played Australia under heavy rain yesterday for the first time and it looked incredible.
    Man, looking out my window right now when it's 100/38 degrees and we haven't had rain for months there's more green than in DR. And that's taking place in Greece, where if it was any closer to the sea it'd be an island. That's like saying Hawaii isn't really that green and colorful.
    I have NEVER seen something as "pastel" as DR. May as well say that COD and Nier Automata as well as everything else with a brown filter is more realistic. I do not now, nor will I EVER understand the notion of "If it's realistically colorful, it looks like garbage, I want my brown filters and no amount of actually being outside to look at a tree or seeing actual photos will make me understand that I am in fact quintessentially wrong."
    It's not. I didn't want to because my camera was a piece of crap, but here's some real life unadulterated pictures of "rarely eye popping colors," taken with a camera that sucks and doesn't get as colorful as reality. Look at how brown everything is.

    Look, these reds and yellows are actually super brown, the camera in my phone just naturally and instantly adds instagram color filters to the raw image.

    Notice how the browns are brown, the greens are green and the blue is blue? Reds are red, yellows are yellow, whites are white? Also, the last picture is the leaves of the Palo Verde tree. If you aren't Spanishally inclined, it means green bark. I think it's fairly obvious why.
    I know it's a hard concept for the brown filter lovers, but green, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange etc... are in fact not brown. I do not understand the concept of "Nature has no color, only brown." I really hope these people go on vacation to Hawaii or the rainforest, and then when people ask them how it was and what it looked like, they'll just go "Eh, everything was really brown." "Well, how about the water? Was is super clear and blue?" "Nope, also brown."

    Seriously, I can't tell you enough how dumb it is to me for people to say that brown filters are more realistic. They just aren't, and I live in a place where everyone complains about how brown everything is.
    I guess this sunsets also really actually brown too.

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  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    And the hate for Monster Energy continues.
    On a random bright side, I might have mentioned earlier that I finally switched rooms to escape the hellhole, as well as the A/C being cleaned so it works better now, but I've finally got it set up about 2 weeks later. I went out and got a proper (yet cheap) 5.1 receiver that's drastically cut down on unnecessary speaker cables. My whole setup is a lot cleaner now, and my room isn't the surface of the sun. I can almost feel a tinge of what I think might be happiness.
    The closets also much larger so all the other crap I had sitting around can be shoved in there behind closed doors.

    I forgot to add that today's the day we celebrate being better than the rest of the world by being men and grilling things and blowing **** up.