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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    carpa said:
    Externaltest branch was updated a few days ago, It means we are clooooser to get the patch with new physics, locations, tiles, and Skoda Fabia R5!

    You forgot to mention all 2017 World Rallycross Championship tracks!
    And the Audi S1 RX Supercar!
    Let's not forget the Toyotas guys...

    It stinks that we won't see Toyotas in racing games because for some reason they keep pulling out.
    ...Never pull out.
  • Re: Is dirt 4 or rally playable under 60 fps?

    TyroPro said:
    I'm trying to experience 4k resolution using my 970 gtx at low graphics settings with triple buffer v- sync enabled. I'm confident my gpu will be over strained if I shoot for 60 fps @ 4k, that's why I'm trying to cap it at 30 fps. It works! Consistent 30 fps @ 4k... it's just not smooth at all and feels like 12 fps. What could make it feel like I'm getting less fps than the fps counter reads?
    Bad frame pacing, but even on my 2gb 960 I'm running triples on medium settings and getting about 50 fps. Feels like the 970 should be able to push it.
    On a bit of a side note, I really wish Vsync had a custom value to set, or at least every 15 FPS or so. I can run most games pretty comfortably at 45, but Vsync makes them constantly jump around from 60 to 30.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    The Lexus LFA is one of the most sexy cars I have seen.
    I agree, just wish they didn't revision it so many times. It's unfortunately too expensive for it's class.
    I'm also disappointed they never actually made the FT-1 other than the concept. That thing is awesome.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    McStanley said:
    I love the topic title of this thread, 'DiRTy'! That's a good play on a word!

    Yes, I remember playing Colin McRae Rally 04 and Colin McRae Rally 2005, on my PlayStation 2. I enjoyed both. I no longer have these games, but I am not sure if I would enjoy playing them, not because they are bad games, because I don't think they are, but playing games on PlayStation 2's are just so boring because consoles are way out date now and become even more out of date when plug one into a flat screen HD TV, which makes the picture become a massive fuzz-ball!

    I'd recommend PCSX2 for an emulator. You can bump up to 1080 and get some nice AA going.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Depending on the camera, altitude, and speed, you can actually get a surface fairly close to laser scanning. Photogrammetry works pretty well. The downside is at best you'd have to do it on a cloudy overcast day to not get any big shadows for dynamic lighting in game.