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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    So in lieu of any... anything... about DiRT or CM....
    I've been playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided which has a super nifty bug where if you have too much inventory (don't know what the limit is) entering/exiting a firing range will crash to desktop, the solution being to dump all your inventory on the ground.
    So, I thought my inventory WAS rather neat and tidy, looking like this....

    But apparently that translates into this in reality. Which makes me really question video game inventories on single characters.

    Yep, I'll just shove that in my pockets, it'll be fine.

    Edit* apparently that's 197 items I had shoved in my robo pockets somewheres, with 20 of those being alcohol. I don't know what it is with that game, but I swear theres like 500 bottles of alcohol around.
  • Re: Let's talk like updates happened!

    Didzis said:
    cjr3559 said:
    The OP gave me a good laugh.  But with the plethora of other games currently being released (F1 2017, GTS, PC2, FM7, WRC7), it seems more plausible any updates to D4 would be better released after all the dust settles. Just my thoughts (and wishful thinking).  
    Not sure about that laugh, this makes me feel closer to this

    All I know is, you can get a tiny sad Keanu Reeves 3d printed from Shapeways in full sandstone color.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    carpa said:
    Externaltest branch was updated a few days ago, It means we are clooooser to get the patch with new physics, locations, tiles, and Skoda Fabia R5!

    You forgot to mention all 2017 World Rallycross Championship tracks!
    And the Audi S1 RX Supercar!
    Let's not forget the Toyotas guys...

    It stinks that we won't see Toyotas in racing games because for some reason they keep pulling out.
    ...Never pull out.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    urgaffel said:
    lol... nothing wrong with a phallic festival :D

    Japan is a country like any other, it has its own issues but! It is well worth visiting in my opinion because it is beautiful, the food is fantastic and it's something that's very different. If nothing else, go for the food :D
    Yeah, my dad went there for business recently, and they were "honored" guests so they got the REALLY traditional food... which is terrible apparently. Even the Japanese there were kind of complaining about it saying they basically don't ever eat it.
    On the topic of Japan, they apparently had some rather large brightly colored spiders, one of which managed to bite my dad in the leg and caused a very large... well, you get the idea and a hospital was involved.
    My dad also said he was sitting in one of the hot springs with the other guys and one looks at another and says "What country are you from?" the response being "Japan, why?" "...Oh, nothing. You just look like you could've been Chinese."  :D
    My dad laughed pretty good and said "You mean you can't tell them apart either?"
    And that concludes fun stories about Japan.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    urgaffel said:
    tbtstt said:
    That is a seriously awesome collection @Kuris, great pictures as well! How was Tokyo? Japan is top of my "countries to visit" list! 
    Japan is ace, I've been there several times and definitely recommend it. /goes back to lurking
    I'm about 50/50 on Japan.
    I see some things and I'm like, "hey, that'd be cool to check out." Then I see some other stuff that contorts my face and makes me question life in general and I'm pretty sure I want no part of it.
    This pops into mind.... Ummm... maybe NSFW? Google it on your free time.
    Kanamara Matsuri