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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    gfRally said:
    Sadly there has been any gossip.  We can always muse ourselves and create our own.  We used to do that, but that was long ago when @justbiglee would pop in and post a picture of a foggy window pain or burnt toast that had a slight 4 looking mark in it.  We would go for days talking about the meaning of toast and rally "I found a picture of McRae eating toast, it must mean this...."   Those where the days.  

    Now we sadly look at a WRC game and talk about how great it is (guilty).  The thing is, we all love rally and desperately look for the next game (hopefully from Codies) that adds to the enjoyment we found in DR.  Codies have been humble and kind enough to let us talk about whatever competition we like here, even giving both praising to their competitors.  

    We all have opinions, some are more open minded to seeing something good, others are committed to one title and think everything else is rubbish.  Those are both fine by me, a "forum" by nature is just that, a place for people to voice their opinions.  

    This whole thread was started by a light hearted group of dedicated fans, times change but the sentimental value of this thread is a testament to all fans of the DiRT series and those that have made the series great.  

    What is this? A funeral service?
    "And long shall the memory of the DiRTy Gossip thread remain here forevermore in our hearts, let us not mourn of it's passing, but cry tears of joy and laughter at all the fun times we had along the way. The teasings of DiRT Rally, the Subaraudi S1E22bbWRCX, Helicopters, water splashes, Kebabs and pizzas, along with page 634.
    We lost a few giants along the way, especially @justbiglee but we braced these blows and our hearts grew stronger from the experience. We will heretofore live our lives to the fullest with the memories that we all share linking us together as our dear friend shuffles off this mortal coil.

    ..Hit play Bob."

    carpa said:
    Dytut said:
    Yep, I'd go for Dirtfish since the dirtfish house is the sheriffs department in twin peaks. Question is, if the log lady's log saw something, what was it?
    There are also some logs in DiRTFish if  I remember correctly. 
    Other places where there are logs are Wales, Sweden and Michigan but I'd go with Dirtfish
    They did mention before that it's a random spawn. So it might or might not be there.

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
    some people will always try and justify anything.the games brilliant.it doesn't bother me if you don't buy it or not.only thing that annoys me is when people spout nonsense.

    the more you play the game the better it gets.the stages are amazing.the graphics are.its a great game.your basing opinions on a game you havent played yet.if you dont want to buy from a cdkey site don't.it doesn't bother me  tbh.i pay the cheapest price.

    you dont have to spend 8 hrs to get it right im picky and i aim for the top times. some could just ask they would get help and be set up nice in minutes but like anything drama is often the easiest option.

    dumpster fire im a cody nut brought literally all the codie games for over twenty years. wrc 7 is one of the best rally games made ever.i played them all and it really is a great game.i just wish some would stop crying about previous wrc titles.what does it matter if ever other title they made was bad when we talking about playing this one ?

    has codemasters never made a bad game ever ? dirt showdown was terrible dirt 4 isnt great either. you could be playing the best rally game this year but wont based on past games.sad to have such a closed mind.when you could be playing such a great rally game.

    I feel like your English has been getting worse as time goes on. But that's another story.
    When the majority of people are having issues and it's either unknown or unclear whether or not my wheel will work, much less my peripherals, that's called a $40 crapshoot. It's got nothing to do with past titles (except they're also broken.) With wheels like the ever popular Logitech G-series and the TM brand being either completely broken, wrong, or unusable I'm not buying into it with my oft skipped Fanatec GT2 with separate peripherals. That's lunacy.
    That doesn't even factor in whether or not it'll function properly/smoothly on my PC given all the optimization issues about 50% of the userbase has. It also doesn't take in the varying reviews that people are giving when it does work. You say it's great, @Rallycameraman says it's garbage and there's people in between that say the FFB is terrible. And you basically stated you HAD to spend 8 hours to get it to feel right. I'm not doing that. I almost immediately refunded Dirt 4 because it didn't initially support my wheel until I figured out their goofy menu system.
    If Steam had a reasonable refund policy or the Devs had a history of fixing **** and making it work, yeah, I'd buy into it, but neither of those is true and I'm not keen on losing out on my money.

    It's got nothing to do with fanboy or not, but your saying I should buy it solely based on your experience from the minority of the userbase. Although there is credit due to "These guys have proven themselves incompetent more than a few times, and it's unlikely to change."
    I'll tell you a little secret, I'll buy a game that A. Works, and B. I enjoy. WRC7 so far is sketchy at best on both fronts.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    JZStudios said:

    The sad thing is, checking the forums used to be the highlight of my day, and now I don't even have that. Think it's time to break out the Simon and Garfunkel.

    I can mention the Toyota S1E22B WRC to start an argument if you want?
    I mean, you could, but I don't know anything about the Toyota S1E22B WRC STI Superleggera SS  for it to make any difference to me.

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    BadD0g said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    or its just a dirt rally shot :D                              
    Hey, where's your wildly speculative spirit? This thread has been down on the tin-foil hat conspiracy energy lately, we'll take anything we can get.
    Unfortunately, the color grading, models, lighting, and background trees all suggest DR. I mean, we could tin foil hat it into something.... but... the energy and charisma just isn't there.
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    So in other news I got my upstream o2 sensor replaced and needed to put about 100 miles on it before I could take it through emissions.
    So, with nowhere better to go I decided to go up my local mountain, took a 5 mile hike by accident that I really didn't want to do, had some overpriced ice cream, and FINALLY got the picture of the bear fistings signs that are strewn around there.

    ... I forgot to rotate it...

    ... Too lazy to fix it....
    All in all, the day was pretty nice until I went back into town. Buckle up if you want because it's going into rant town. On the way down I came across a Focus ST and we started "racing" down the mountain around 60mph. That was the fun part, when we we got to the base he shouted "Nice drive" and gave me a thumbs up. I'm honestly a tad disappointed because he should've absolutely smoked me, but maybe we were both just having fun.

    Anyways we turned onto the road to go home, only to find that it was apparently closed for some reason (Also important to note that it was now raining) but no one bothered to actually close the road, so they just let traffic pile up and not go anywhere. A few lucky people with the clearance just hopped the curb as the police eventually let us turn around after about 10-15 minutes. Not kidding.

    So, now I'm going the wrong direction and I have to make a series of rights to make an effective U-turn, but the right turn lane was backed up for realistically about a quarter mile. I wish I was exaggerating. The ST managed to squeak in front of a large slow truck, I took a left and made a U-turn to go straight though. Eventually through more slow traffic I end up at a street that'll take me home, except the big busy intersection was for some reason turned into a 12 lane 4 way stop no one knew how to use. That took about 15 minutes to pass. Then EVERY SINGLE SECTION for 5 miles had a fallen tree. Peoples reaction to this of course was not "Oh, there's a tree in the road lets A. Merge or B. Slow down until I can merge" it was instead "Holy ****! There's a tree I somehow didn't see so let's slam on the brakes!" I almost rear ended two different people as my wheels locked up. Guess I don't have ABS after all?

    There was also one guy that flipped me off because he tried to turn into me going straight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The remaining time was just spent trawling through traffic to the stupidly designed freeway that was gridlocked as usual. There is no good way to cross the freeway without it turning into a colossal clusterfuck. Regardless of what you're actually trying to do, the way it's designed is just too stupid to work.
    Thankfully I didn't even touch the freeway instead opting for the parallel frontage which also got crowded as people got frustrated at the freeway and turned off. Bonus shitty design, inevitably the frontage/freeway off ramp gets backed up, so people coming off the freeway can't get to the lane they need to be in, and it's almost always a mad dash otherwise because there's not enough space to try to merge across 2-3 lanes.

    All in all, it took me almost an hour to go about 15 miles. I'm also SUPER happy that our shop is so close and on this side of the freeway so I don't have to deal with all that.