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  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Hughesy said:
    Watch out lads, I have a massive bite.

    You're just made because he isn't getting a drive at Ferrari, like he was ever in with a chance. The only person crying about it is you, as you wanted to carry on arguing that he will drive for Ferrari, nice job...
    So you're basically admitting you're trolling then. Pretty sure that's not allowed.

    Also, you don't see me bring up or refer to old discussions out of nowhere. You did that. Twice now. In seperate weeks. In seperate topics. Yet I'm the one crying according to you. It's the world upside-down, because I don't talk about Grosjean and your attitude in it until you do. Maybe if you acted like an adult, we wouldn't be in this position. Like how old are you actually? 30+ or something? You're the one who is grabbing a news report and is rushing to post it here with a triumphant passive-aggressive message added to it because you took a discussion of well over a month old now personally. Do you think I'd do the same if Grosjean got confirmed for Ferrari? No. Because I don't hate your opinion that bad I need to oppose it every chance I get. Nor do I get caught up in my feelings when someone is making me feel inadequate in an internet-discussion. Nor I intentionally try to get a rise out of someone and then go on to flag them when they respond.

    But I don't expect you to understand that though. You're simple and thick, which normally is tolerable, but now is getting irritable. Like find a post where I said that Grosjean was definitely going to Ferrari. Produce one. I never said that. I said it makes sense to think he had a shot at one. Which is completely true. I can say that and still be right if he doesn't go to Ferrari. Because that is what having a chance means, it means that a profitable situation might happen. Keyword: might. Am I going slow enough for you?

    And the fun part is that, even when Haas confirms Grosjean and Magnussen for 2018, it does not rule out a Ferrari-move. Ever heard of clauses? Esteban Ocon is confirmed for 2019, yet can leave for Mercedes at any given time. It's common knowledge that if a factory team comes knocking for a non-factory team driver, said driver can be transferred. The important announcement is that from Ferrari. If they say Vettel + any driver not named Grosjean, that is when you can rule it out. So not only are you being pathetically hilarious right now, it's even funnier when you're basically counting your egss before they hatched.

    This isn't a contest or a bet. I simply said I rate Grosjean and that his position as Haas' first driver, a team with strong ties to Ferrari, gives him a reasonable shout at a Ferrari-seat. My advice to you is to accept other people's opinions and viewpoints for a change and let this one go, instead of making another petulant comment next time Grosjean's infant baby decides to poop its pants. Because that would be the third time and even though it can get boring here, it's nowhere near boring enough for me to end up talking to you one too many times.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Hughesy said:
    So Haas are going to retain their drivers, that's strange because I thought one was going to Ferrari :smirk:
    At this point, I'm convinced you cry yourself to sleep over the Grosjean-thing.