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  • Re: 2017 Mexicolan Grand Prix

    Who gives a damn about Nico Tossberg? Honestly.
    I know this is about as rhetorical as it can get, but I legit respect the dude. Basically abandoned his pregnant wife emotionally for the sake of a World Championship, that's elite mentality.

    I don't miss him, as his driving style and his career in general was uneventful. Or BOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIIINGGGGGG.

    But I respect him. For how much he gave up to win the title and how much he sacrificed to win it and how he immediately decided he wanted to be a family man when it paid off. Rosberg basically drove himself to the brink of insanity, just to beat Hamilton, somehow pulled it off and instantly admitted it was not something he could do all over again. That's determination.

    Also says something about how insanely talented Hamilton must be that a pretty good driver in Rosberg had to go to such lengths to equal him.
  • Re: MMXVII Formula 1 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game

    Yeah, makes sense, I'm only nowhere near the top-5 lmao.

    To explain my stroke of genius, I knew that the Force India would be quick here, because they traditionally are at high-speed tracks and they have Mercedes-engines. I also expected Esteban Ocon to deliver in the wet, based on his performance in the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix. That's it. Literally that race.

    I also gave him banter on Twitter and knew that it would inspire him to great heights.
  • Re: 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

    Fernando Alonso is a full-blown meme at this point in the sport and he has fully accepted his new role.
  • 2017 OVO Canadian Grand Prix / 2017 Grand Poutine du Canada


    We've reached that time of the year where Formula One has landed on American soil. North American-soil. Because luckily for Sergio Perez, we are not in the United States of America, but in Canada. Home of maple leafs, Drake, ice hockey, Drake, maple syrup, Drake, mounties, unconditional hospitality, Aubrey Graham, Degrassi, poutine, countless American refugees who are sick of their own country, a probably unhealthy fascination with professional wrestling, the 6ix, Freddie Ljungberg's alias known as Jacques Villeneuve and Drake. And it's a hometown-race for Canada's very own Lance Stroll! And seeing how the last hometown boy in Jacques Villeneuve drove like even a bigger nutjob as usual every time we've reached Montreal.....Well, I'm sure everything will go alright.


    Bacon is overrated guys.

    The Grand Prix du Canada almost was over before it even got started with Lewis Hamilton having trouble getting over the disappointment that Montreal is not a smaller part of Toronto, the only city that matters in Canada. I feel his pain. Why won't we do a race in Toronto? Post-race podium-interview held by the 6ix god himself, Drake, oh man, oh man.

    Anyway, despite what Barney Stinson told you, Canada is awesome. Montreal usually is awesome. And despite the fact that I find it weird that a bunch of faux-Frenchies are singing God Save The Queen during its anthem, the race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve usually is awesome too. So expect people to screw up. That Wall of Champions is probably going to get rammed so hard, the people of Montreal will mistake it for Vince McMahon's nose after he screwed Bret Hart at the Montreal Screwjob in 1997. Who will be screwed at Montreal in 2017 though is most likely, definitely, without a doubt, Fernando Alonso. Imagine being that talented and having to deal with McLaren-Honda's screwups.

    Talk about screw-ups, meet Lance Stroll. He's young, he's rich, but he's young, but still people expected much more. Canada is the perfect place to find great success in smashing into lots of cars, so watch this space. They actually speak French in Montreal. So here's the French translation from a special guest writer, a true French-Canadian.



  • Re: MMXVII Formula 1 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game

    I am not fuzzed. I am well aware of the force of the Afro, I am also aware that the competition is aware of the force of the Afro. With great Afro, comes great envy. Therefore, in order to stop the Afro, I will assume that our nefarious rivals is NOT above altering your great premonitive insight by drugging you, causing acute selective amnesia in order to stop the great rondure of the Afro Lords from delivering you with elitairistic predictions.

    This is a heinous act of which you should take no blame, my Afro-bro.

    In all seriousness, this is just a forum game and uni tasks are obviously much more important. So good luck with them and I hope you'll do good.

    If things really are starting to pile up, I'm willing to take over for a couple of races.