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  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I said he has a reputation for outperforming the car, not that he always does it. And as for where I got that from, when he scored podium after podium in 2013, the entire season of 2015 where he even got a podium, his early-season form of 2016 with a brand-new team.

    He quite clearly has had more than one good season and he complains a lot, but I don't see how that's relevant. Alonso complains a lot more than his team-mate too and I don't see less people claim he's one of the best, if not the best driver on the grid. Magnussen has acknowledged the issues in interviews as well, you just don't hear him on the radio as much as Grosjean. And after the brake-problems at Haas is close to approaching two years, it's not like it isn't justified at this point.

    There aren't many drivers on the grid better than Grosjean, those who are, are highly unrealistic and/or unavaliable and seeing how getting him also opens up a spot at Haas for a Ferrari-protege, it's logical that he should feel like he has a good chance at getting a Ferrari-seat when Kimi leaves, because he has. That's why he moved to Haas in the first place.
  • Re: WELL DONE BAKU 2017

    Hughesy said:
    Jiggy said:
    Hughesy said:
    Oh look Grosjean is crying about the brakes again, no idea why people think he's good enough for Ferrari....
    You're having problems letting things go, don't you?
    Nope, just stating a fact, it's you who has a problem with my opinion.
    I have a problem with your attitude. As in not caring enough to actually reply to an argument in a topic, which is fine by me, but then to go on to make your point in a different topic the second Grosjean is having issues, because you're having issues with people rating Grosjean enough as a potential Ferrari-driver at the same time.

    Also, Grosjean not being good enough because he complains over a radio isn't a fact. Just your opinion. Let's be clear on that one.
  • Re: Indy 500

    Supporting Alonso. If that doesn't work, supporting Karam.

    If that doesn't work, then I'll hope Power or Castroneves don't win.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I'm guessing they've been meaning to did this for a while and since Force India changed to pink, they'll have the room for it as people won't confuse the two anymore.

    Also, you boring piece of Haas, why.
  • Re: Official Football Thread

    Hughesy said:

    I'm not missing the point, you two are as that's the definition. He signs the players, he trains the players, he tells them how to play. Every year it's the same, get to Christmas and he can't handle the pressure. Him wanting to stay doesn't mean anything, he gets a great wage and is comfortable. Every year the team bottles it, and that is down to the manager. 

    Definitely missing the point.