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  • Re: Official Football Thread

    Hughesy said:

    I'm not missing the point, you two are as that's the definition. He signs the players, he trains the players, he tells them how to play. Every year it's the same, get to Christmas and he can't handle the pressure. Him wanting to stay doesn't mean anything, he gets a great wage and is comfortable. Every year the team bottles it, and that is down to the manager. 

    Definitely missing the point.
  • Re: Official Football Thread

    Hughesy said:

    How so? It's not my fault you don't understand the word I used.... 

    You know, that's an ironic statement to make when someone gives you the definition of a word, explains how his stance is based on that definition and you still don't get his point and read over what he's saying.

    The point is that Wenger as a man is not a bottler, because he is not fragile mentally. He rarely responds to heavy criticism in an erratic manner. Wenger as a manager is responsible for teams that bottles a title campaign. That does not make him a bottler as an individual. Same way Mourinho's teams are known for deliver in crunch time, but I would not look at Mourinho as a person as the beacon of mental strength at the same time, because of the way he lets so many stuff get to him and provoke a reaction out of him.

    That's the point EUfkdup is trying to make here. And it doesn't mean Wenger isn't responsible. But being responsible =/= being a bottler in his sense of the word. And seeing how he backs it up with a definition, I think he makes a valid point.

    To put it in an analogy, if Wenger tried to kill himself on his own, he would succeed. He would not bottle his own suicide. If Wenger managed a team of people who would all try to kill themselves, they would just end up as quadriplegics in hospitals with broken necks, but they would still be alive. The group of people Wenger is responsible for, bottled their own suicide.

    tl;dr: He isn't a bottler, but he breeds bottlers.

    In the end, I still ended up making it grim....
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Not even kidding, people who legit believe Hamilton is being sabotaged, should be lined up and shot. Of all the stupid things about F1, the Lewis Hamilton-fanbase is by far the most idiotic.  Bet it's the same type that always say that (bad) luck evens out at the end of a season, as if luck even gives a (lol it rhymes) about being fair.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Hamilton is also a very blatant Arsenal-fan to the point some question whether he's actually not Theo Walcott under a code name or vice versa and there is no way that Arsenal Twitter would let one of their own lose a vote with that kind of margin.

    Then again, Andy Murray is also a Gooner, so I guess something went wrong with the communications at the strategy meeting.
  • Re: 2015 Sochi F1 GP

    Mexicola said:
    Rosberg's out of the race. I'm not watching this.
    I'm watching in case Hamilton drops out too and we get to see Williams ruin their best shot at winning a race again.