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  • Re: 2018 McLaren, Renault & Redbull

    I very much dislike McLaren and therefore laugh at their misfortune every chance I get.

    The only reason I don't right now, is because I really want to see Alonso in a competitive car again.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Oh god no, anything but another year of Massa.

    Sirotkin is a pretty fast dude, I wouldn't underestimate him just because he brings money, he might be in the Sergio Perez-bracket of pay drivers.
  • Re: 2017 Mexicolan Grand Prix

  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Btw, I was completely joking when I called Hamilton arrogant.

    I love the guy. If anything, I'm more a fan of party time-Hamilton than 2007/08-Dennis' protege Hamilton. Current Hamilton feels more real, more free.

    I don't like to talk about race (unless it's THE race hahaha ok no nvm), but I'm going to talk about race. I legit think that people's perception of Hamilton as a misbehaving partying bad-boy with an identity crisis, while also commenting negatively to the type of people he hangs around with and his overall taste when it comes to his appearance, has something to do with him being black. I'm not saying it's a main reason or am calling people racists, but it's a factor in that people will look at it from a more negative perspective quicker because of it. The context changes. Machismo, arrogance, showboating, bashfulness, those are traits commonly associated with young black males. Jenson Button is a notorious party boy, yet it was always brushed off as "boys will be boys". Had a right go at Hamilton in his book. Can be seen as unprofessional, but it wasn't. Hamilton hangs around with rappers and celebs and he is out-of-touch with himself and he wants to be an American gangsta rapper. Perception bias is a thing. Whether it's color or profession or age or a combination of that.

    A very good example of these kind of stuff happening, is Raheem Sterling when he bought a house. He gets **** on regularly by the media because it's so easy for people to believe he's a young, overpaid arrogant footballer who overly shows off his wealth. In reality, the house he bought, was for his mum. And even when that was made clear, people still had a go at him. Then Sterling went to Poundland and he got mocked for being a PL-footballer who is shopping at Poundland. It's never going to be good enough.

    People always try to pigeon-hole you into a box and the box of "big money spending, lavishly spending, party boy who has more money than sense and doesn't appreciate the common guy" is quicker applied to young athletes. Even quicker to young athletes of color. So basically Hamilton is in at least two boxes and for that, everything he does tends to get taken way out of context and is put under unfair and intense scrutiny.

    I've said to Prawn and Colt in the past that I feel they tend to be a bit too quick to take offense to things Hamilton-related and on a wider scale, I do find myself getting annoyed by how intensely Ham-fans defend him on Twitter and what not, because I don't like those type of people, a.k.a. social media fanboys/girls, to talk about F1, because you can't really talk to them (it's the same with Max Verstappen-fans, I know), but I definitely get where they're coming from, because most of the time, the reaction to Hamilton is really unfair. And I get having the feeling that Hamilton rubs you the wrong way, I get that. Massa rubs me the wrong way. Ricciardo used to rub me the wrong way, now he rubs me the right way. But when it comes to Hamilton, people allow themselves to get upset over him unnecessarily, they get too worked up.

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  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Nobody has a problem with you speaking your mind. It's just that if what you say seems to make little sense, someone is eventually going to argue with your reasoning. That's also what the forum is for. 
    You'd be amazed by how often people fail to grasp that tbh.