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Jiggy Race Steward


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  • Re: 2018 McLaren, Renault & Redbull

    No biggie. I was sick, but I'm cool now.

    Except for my neck.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread


    Although if we're using the same reasoning for grid kids we used for grid girls, we're essentially setting kids up to get Jimmy Savile'd, now that's what Liberty is all about.
  • Re: 2018 McLaren, Renault & Redbull

    Jiggy said:
    I very much dislike McLaren and therefore laugh at their misfortune every chance I get.

    The only reason I don't right now, is because I really want to see Alonso in a competitive car again.
    Why don't you like McLaren? If you don't mind sharing.
    Because I grew up on them as the main rivals to Schumacher and Ferrari.

    No wait, first season I watched, it was Williams and Villeneuve. But I like Williams and always have liked them.

    Anyway, unlike with Hakkinen (who I grew to respect to the point he's one of my favorites of all time) and Coulthard (him as a pundit is golden), McLaren remained unlikeable to me. They remind me of communism. They're so set in their ways with the stupid little rules and everybody towing the company lines and I'm pretty sure you had to cut your hair to a buzzcut if you joined them. Nothing wild. Squeaky-clean. They also present themselves as the morally superior F1-team on the grid, with the squeaky clean gentlemen-image, everything is so uptight and so micro-managed and so fake. It's not expressive. And they had a black-and-grey car. McLaren (and I hate this team) really was like a yer da's team. Maybe even yur grandpaw. As a kid, you just naturally oppose everything about them.

    Not to mention you have Ron Dennis, who is like the biggest vacuum of charisma to begin with and he's basically the grouchy old neighbour who yells at the kids *GET OFF MY LAWN YOU PESKY RATS*.

    Plus, they always act holier-than-thou, but McLaren always have been involved with shady stuff at the same time, so I can't stand the hypocrism and British fans can be annoying when they all back McLaren. I'd rather see Williams at the representative for British racing fans (although Mercedes feels more British than German tbh), a team with charisma and a likeable teamboss. And they have been involved in shady stuff, but they don't give af, they're just relaxed about it. Just don't mention the Senna-thing.

    McLaren is cringy too. #BelieveInMcLaren
     How MAGA-esque is that hashtag, huh.

    I hope this is coherent enough, I got a headache.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I thought that in order to get your driver's license in Australia, you had to live there for 18 years and if you're still alive by then, you're good to go.

    If huntsman spiders and wombats haven't killed you in 18 years, then neither will Australian traffic.
  • Re: MMXVII Formula 1 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game

    whatever i'm still the official unofficial champ in my own head