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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Took me @30 mins of driving to get my wheel set up the way I like.
    Sounds are more than acceptable.  They are good.  Dirts sounds though, are excellent.

    WRC 7 is better optimised for my xbox, than D4 is, which is a stuttering mess in places.

    Previous experience is the reason I bought D4 & it's turned out to be quite far removed from its predecessor unfortunately .  I hated WRC 6 (&5), but 7 is quite far removed from the earlier attempts too.

    PC stutter seems to be something that affects a lot of games, I had it myself with DiRT Rally.  But anyone on these forums should know by now, that hardware causes the problem.

    I like 7, I'm glad I gave it a chance & bought it.  I am enjoying it.  I am glad it was released in the wake of D4, as competition is always healthy.  On this forum, we've all been guilty of rubbishing the other Rally games as they have been so poor in comparison to what we were playing.  WRC 7 is a worthy opponent.  It's not as good a game as Dirt Rally, but it is as enjoyable to play & deserves some success.  I hope it motivates the guys at Codies to regroup, reset & continue to do what they do so well.

    So whether you decide to try it or not, this is a great thing for the genre.  DR raised the bar, the rest are catching up again.  Someone somewhere will smash the opposition again.  I still believe that will be Codemasters 
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    As usual, the Polo is sublime.  
    I just figured out how to do a vehicle setup & smashed a WR in Wales on the Epic, by 4-5 secs.  Iv only completed the stage 3 times.  There's more in it with a few tweaks!!

    I think we we need a WRC 7 topic thread
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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Epic Stage update: They are indeed all the shorter stages put together, but run in reverse. So at least it's a bit different.
    Not necessarily.  I thought it was the case from hearsay, but the German epic, is all vineyard area & no panzerplatte.  I assume it's a shorter stage (or two) extended?  It's enjoyable nonetheless 

    The German epic stage really gives the sense of rallying through an area, rather than driving a single long road.  You are constantly turning at junctions and traversing different back roads between main roads.

    I'm chugging away at career in my wee EcoBoost Fiesta, but love doing a random stage occasionally in a 2016 car.  I'm also glad they were included along with the current WRC's
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Got the wheel steering even nicer this evening.  It lacks feel & feedback but now reliably accurate and enabling commitment when pushing on the stages.

    The epic stages are worthy of the description EPIC!!  Had a go at Monte & the Germany vineyard ones in the trusty '16 Polo.  First class!

    Im really getting into this now!
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    What settings are you using?  I have no profiler on console so might have to make do with what I have.

    Despite the slight vagueness, I like that you can set the car up for corners with throttle/brake inputs.

    Nothing like hitting the tarmac section at Fafe & just feeding the i20 gears as quick as she'll take them!!  :D