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  • Re: Dirt Rally | Weird FPS bug.

    I’ll bet it’s a background process elsewhere on the PC
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It’s all kinda stalled of late.  

    Hopefully the guys have a set of jump-leads lyin around to get the old girl kick-started again 
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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Community competition will only work if the ‘feel’ is improved.  DiRT 4 is a great polished game let down by obscure physics traits as you’ve by now gathered.  I don’t think it’s a bad game.  I just don’t think the handling is immersive anymore.  I crave that to be fixed.  If it was, I would enjoy both the game & community competition.  

    Without a handling fix, I won’t have anough interest or curiosity to even load the game to see how the Competition/Clubs even work...

    Am I alone?  I don’t really think so.

    Make the magic happen guys.  It’s not too late....
  • Re: Dirt Rally 2 News

    WRC 7 has stepped away from the ‘gamey’ theme.  Handling is improved,  stages are tough & realistic.  It’s enjoyable because of that.

    Dirt Rally did the same.  It was Rally for grown-ups and clicked.

    Whoever decided that DiRT 4 should be softened to appeal to ‘gamers’, is responsible for it flopping.  We’ve played average feeling soft Rally games.  I still can’t get me head around Gamer and Sim mode.  That was the answer, but both modes were PlayStation 2

    Hardware has moved on from the good ole days.  People who have invested in a big PC rig or next-gen console, expect more than some 16 bit 2D arcade joystick gaming.  They want to be immersed into something that they either can’t afford to do for real, or to do something that is too dangerous to do for real.  & they want that experience to be as authentic as possible.

    We’ve had ‘same old’ for years.  Technology is moving at an immense pace, the software needs to do the same to be desired.

    With DiRT Rally2, you need to Go hard, or go home...
  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    well when i watch 2017 WRC footage it seems the drivers really "hang out" the back,and on throttle oversteer seems easy to do for them.Im having hard time in WRC7 to find tail happy(on gravel) setup

    aero shouldnt effect cars under 50 mph i thought
    Sliding is tough in WRC 7. It's similar to Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo. You need to set up the turn-in perfectly, play with the weight under braking and carry the correct speed into the turn. And while sliding you need constant throttle control/modulation and steering input to keep it going, and maybe a tap on the brake if the car starts gripping too much. If you are having trouble I suggest this:
    1. Lock the rear differential to reduce grip in the rear of the car.
    2. Stiffen rear suspension a bit
    3. Move brake bias towards the rear to upset the car more under braking
    4. Increase handbrake power if you use it in hairpins
    5. Start with the R5 and 2016 cars until you become accustomed to the game's nuances. It's never easy jumping between rally games, especially over to the beastly 2017 cars. They are a real handful.
    On tarmac most of the cars feel very understeery to me. I correct that with brake bias all the way to the rear and mostly unlocked diff in front and semi-locked in rear.

    You are correct, aero doesn't affect grip at low speeds, but the 2017 cars also have more mechanical grip than previous years.
    Yes, WRC 7 does the exact same as D4 in tuning the cars, as standard, to lean more toward understeer.  This makes the cars easier to pick up & play.  Thing is, they do it with a setup that can be altered to eliminate the understeer really nicely.  Where as, the D4 car model seems to have the understeer/rear grip overload actually hard-wired into the model.  That’s the difference.

    In WRC 7, you can really change the balance of the car in setup & really play with the balance when driving the car.  Such fun!!