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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    KickUp said:

    P308R said:

    Azoresst said:

    This reminds me of a particular game from a certain developer who is no more. Evolution Studios. Their last set of free tracks had almost exactly the same boat (check Chile and Norway). @KickUp was there some inspiration from DRIVECLUB?

    No this is actually a location we have been visiting since DiRT 2. 

    Nevada is also revisited from Dirt Showdown I believe.

    Is the third landrush location a new one or is it another revisited location?

    Also have you thought of revisiting other rally locations to perhaps create new Your stage locations in the future? For example making a your stage location out of Malaysia from DiRT2
  • Re: DiRT 4 Road Book - 19/05/17

    MaXyMsrpl said:

    Just anpther video with dodgy physics.
    I really cannot understand what's the point to not show how realistic cars could behave.

    Have you seen the livestream they did today? That had simhandling
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    bogani said:
    In the replay from Sweden there is still a bit too much switching to incar cam, and if that is going to happen I much prefer it would have been the center onboard cam rather than the drivers dashcam.

    I have a feeling they do this when the spectator camera can't find a placement so they go to that one as a last resort. But a better option would be to switch to helicopter camera
  • Re: DiRT 4 Confirmed Car List

    So it looks like we have the complete list. Not a bad list in my opinion. 
  • Re: WRC 2017 Thread

    I get  having a french driver is important for Citröen but this is starting to get ridiculous.