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  • Re: How long Dirt 4 is going to last?

    I think the problem laid with Dirt Rally being essentially a better WRC game than the actual WRC games. And instead of trying to make a better game than codemasters they instead threatened them with legal action if they didn't stop using wrc related things like the real stages and the wrc cars. 
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  • Re: How long Dirt 4 is going to last?

    In my opinion it all depends on leagues. That is what helped me to extend Dirt Rally. It's much more fun to compete with other players than to beat Alvarez for the billionth time
  • Re: The Dirt 4 Official Countdown Thread

    The day is finally here. I would like to say thanks to all who posted such fine cars. Let's celebrate by posting pics of Rally Drivers celebrating. 

    It wouldn't hurt with one more fiesta
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    At least helicopters and bumper cams are more relevant than talking about how terrible the sun is. And how awful that one replica livery on one car is sponsored by them. 

    Granted I don't know the full context of what they did. I just think that you guys are taking it a bit overboard.
  • Re: The Dirt 4 Official Countdown Thread

    I'm sorry to disappoint you all but I have run out of fiestas :disappointed: But it was a good run all the way to 00

    Have this interesting Porsche instead. I think it's a Porsche at least