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  • Re: CM Please give the F1 License away!

    For some people this might be a good game the same when i ask me how the hell they got so much 9/10 rates from game testers! I check it not. More i play the game more it just **** off about all the lack off details. Im working in F1 and just today i looked at our car and see it after in the game i just dont understand how they can leave so many details away specially im cockpit cam its a shame and to write every missing detail will make this here 5 sites long or even longer and this is unacaptable for real F1 Fans or even members. As a mainstream game it will be ok sure but to be true Formula 1 is not mainstream!! So please do all the real fans or people who work there and play this game a favour and give this license away! You didnt deserve to purchase this game more i think i talk for much people cause codies was over the years with enough chances to do it better as this crap! And how i said mainstream ok but even more no way. And this specially i mean about the career mode. 
    You work in F1??? If so I think we found the guy tinkering with McLarens engines.