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  • Re: racenet challenge changed with patch...

    I think its intended as there were reports of people wall riding and using the AI as brakes, now if you drive like a loony you lose.
  • Re: Accidental Race starting suggestion

    There's been a few times where ive been mashing buttons to skip the loading information and accidentally starting the race, when i would have liked to qualify first, and/or practice and tune the car.

    Yep, done that a few times, I thought Id never use qualifying- wouldnt need it, but, LOL, Its absolutely needed to get a better start position and I always use it now. Im extra careful now to check at the start of the races. :)
  • Re: Flashbacks......AGAIN

    And I cant remember my last Grid 2 session not on the hardcore playlist, purely because I dont want to be casually trashed by flashback users.
    The flashback playlists are not used by a lot of people, please have a playlist (or two) without flashbacks, for the more 'serious casual !'  :)  players to jump in and race. 
    See the playlists have changed the way I and a lot of others go online, I have done only a dozen or so of my 3.5k+ Grid 2 online races in custom lobbies,  flashbacks are not required here.
  • Re: Flashbacks in online races Yes/No?

    I believe flashbacks will be default in the playlists and thats that, I hope there will be a hardcore playlist- no flashbacks full damage like G2, however custom games will be set according to the hosts preferences - no upgrades, no flashback, damage on - off, we'll see.
     We didn't have playlists in Grid 1, all games were custom so lets hope a kind of regularity of setting happens so most custom events will be equal, come to think of it hopefully when setting a custom game the defaults from Codies will be say - no flashback, assists on, no upgrades etc.  to create a regular game experience over time, just choose event and distance and start.

    I have never created a game online, so dont know which settings would be good as Im quite happy to join any race and get on with it. Maybe some suggestions for default race settings (out of the box) would help. 
  • Re: Lets talk corner cutting

    I think the best (perfect maybe) system was Grid 1, if you went on the grass you were slowed slightly and risked spinning, curbing the red and white could de-stabilise you and throw you off course,  barriers and tyre walls ensured every one kept on the track and looked really good when cars hit them and the tyres flew up in the air and the cars barrel rolled along the track and we all LOL'ed through the text chat. 


    Ok maybe it could have been slightly improved, but not by much, just a few of the bigger advantageous cuts could have been sorted with a patch.

    I blame Yas, its like a big car park with markings laid down to race on, I wouldn't mind barriers grass or gravel instead of the markings at Yas, I know it wouldnt be authentic but better to me than dumb slowdown penalties.