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MR61088 Wheel Nut


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  • Re: Deutsche F1 2017 Liga sucht Fahrer!

    Das Spiel ist da! 
    Nun seit ihr an der Reihe! 

    Wenn ihr Lust auf Liga fahren habt kommt vorbei und meldet euch an! 
  • Re: Testing, testing!

    I don't understand why so many people are complaining about that... 
    Be happy that you are one of the 900 chosen ones
  • Re: Where is Patch 1.8.0?!

    Hey, we'll be able to update you shortly.

    About a patch? If not wrong topic  ;)
  • Re: Tyre wear bug - Wear depends on starting tyre?

    some news please @Lozzy
    this is a bug which needs to be solved
  • Re: Patch News - v1.7.0 - Discussion Thread

    mantazzo said:
    MR61088 said:
    Still no delta time indicator in pro season :( 
    when will it be fixed @Lozzy
    i know that this issue isn't a big one and pretty much one of the lowest points on your to do list, but can you please fix it in the next patch? 
    Isn't Pro Season supposed to be No Hud, no assists, Ultimate AI and Realistic damage? So I don't think Delta time indicator should be in, unless you need it on the wheel.
    Of course the hud is of, but when you have a VSC or SC you have nothing which indicates your delta.
    you only get shown the warning when your delta is negativ and that isn't good at all. 
    In reallife the drivers get the deltatime on their dash on the steeringwheel bit that solition seems to be not possible. 
    I thought to enable the delta hid would be a easy task, but nothing happend in the two last patches