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  • Re: What the hell happened codemasters?

    Guys, let's face it, this is what happened:

    - Codies were excited prior to release, they have done some cool stuff with the new tile system.
    - Intitial reviews were good.
    - But the initial sales weren't as good as expected.
    - Then came the backlash from customers
    - Sales and active players nosedived
    - Customers were dissapointed (physics, tiles...)
    - Devs were dissapointed (customers, sales...)
    - Bosses were dissapointed (sales, devs...)
    - Bosses ordered to put every D4 work to a full stop. Maybe the team got suspended and/or assigned to other projects.
    - Here we are.
    Even if it is like that , it is better they come on forums and say :Sorry Dirt 4 is a fail game and we are not gonna patch it or release DLC and we move on a new game" .. At least after this people will know about ..For example in my case would happen this i will just delete the game from steam and i would reinstall the great Dirt rally ... But they are still keeping us in the dark which is even worse.. :(
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    I m playing Forza moorsport 7 and Pcars  2 this period games with huge content compare to all codemasters half games...
    I dont say i abandon CM for ever but they must make a really good with big content game (Toca or Grid game or at least a Dirt rally 2) to be interested again.. OnRush is not that attractive , Dirt 4 looks abandoned and a dead game since release so..
  • Re: Dirt Rally 2 News

    Disappointed here with this trailer , looks something between Motorstorm and Fuel .. :( I wa\s expecting a Drive Club style game (assuming this is made by Evolution studios...)
  • Re: Still no new Road book, updates or news.

    Mystx24 said:
    Kuris said:
    I too am disappointed with how Codies handled the PR and marketing. What they said about your stage and what they actually delivered are nothing alike. It's like saying that you're going to build a Ferrari and what you actually build is a soccer mom's Volvo. Yes, both are cars and have 4 wheels (I hope) but that's about it.

    When they first talked about your stage and how amazing it's going to be. The optimist in me was like "Oh yeah, that is going to be awesome! Kudos CM." but the realist in me was more cautious and I was afraid that the whole system is a gimmick, just a bunch of tiles mashed together and we all know what that turned out. - All those millions of routes and almost infinite number of unique stages... Yep.

    Maybe my expectations were just too high because of DR being such an amazing game.
    This exactly is how i was when i heard about d4, i knew i shouldnt pre order but did it anyway because my brain said, dude they made Dr this has to be better and generated staged yes please, not to mention the people who apparently were picked to play this game early clearly dont ever memorize anything or just didn't play for more than 3 hours. 

    I was already seeing the flaws 3 hours in and it only got worse the more i drove. 

    Pc2 RX is pretty damn good id like to see SMS do a rally game now. 
    I have PC2 on PC and nobody play  RX mode online for some reason... 
    I like RX in PC2 too but the grip levels are too high thats why i guess its not popular in online..
    About DIRT 4 is not that bad but become boring soon and online is dead since release.. Dirt rally is better game
    I dont think Dirt 4 can be recoved with any "shocking" DLC , i belive codies must go on and release probably any new Grid - Toca game or any new concept in cooperation with evolution studios devs..
  • Re: Still no new Road book, updates or news.

    Ok if not full patch notes , codemasters should give us at least a little taste about what we should expect..
    With some many good racing games this period people will leave Dirt 4 for ever no matter what dlc or new content will come later..