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  • Re: Will ONRUSH get a PC version ?

    We wanted they open Grid 1 servers again or to make a remastered version of this game that  never happened instead of this we got the arcady **** Grid 2 

    There is also Grid Autosport fyi
    Grid Autosport was very good for me overall...

    RallyGamer: I am interested for any racing game too  so for Onrush knowing that Motorstorm from evolution studios was very good in PS3 and looks very similar to Onrush but i would  way prefer a game like Drive Club instead of it...
  • Re: Will ONRUSH get a PC version ?

    Who cares , we wanted a new Grid - Toca game or at least a good arcade from evolution studios team like Drive Club and not a new Motorstorm!
    We wanted they open Grid 1 servers again or to make a remastered version of this game that  never happened instead of this we got the arcady **** Grid 2
    Then no DLC or mnore content for the great Dirt Rally but insted we got the mediocre Dirt 4..
    The last hopes i had after CM, announced the collaboration with Evolution studios devs was they make a Drive Club style game but did not happened either
    The game just announced and forums is already desert , nobody cares for such a game , Codemasters you are sliding on a sudden hill in high speed , have you got this? :|

  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    I feel like living in a surrealism reading these triumph comments for WRC 7 , the game is the worse rally game ever played for me.. These physics had some rally games 20 years back about.. :o
  • Re: Do you think they will use an excuse?

    Dirt 4 got really good critic ratings of 80-90% because reviewers must have only played for a few hours before they realised the corners are copy and pasted. Meanwhile WRC7 is actually a damn good game and gets only 60-70% review scores. The physics aren't at the same level as Dirt series, but it FEELS good and the game is just so much more enjoyable on every other level. I hope everyone doesn't just assume it's the same WRC 4,5,6 tripe we've come to expect, because it's not.
    CM need to publicly recognise their mistake with YourStage and admit that it's still a loooong way from being acceptable (let alone a "game-changer"). I would buy Dirt Rally 2 if they go back to hand-crafted stages, but I'll definitely be waiting at least a month before purchase. Silly me buying Dirt 4 on day one.
    Ok anyone has his own taste but man i tried WRC7 and its tragic for me! Graphics are not that bad but the physics are so bad and arcade that i could not play it over 3 minutes.. Content is very limited too giving you the feeling of an android game more than a AAA game..
    I have not the best optinion for Dirt 4 but compare to WRC 7 is way better .. Even Sebastien Loeb rally evo is better than WRC 7..
    I agree with you that generated stages technology needs a lot of work to be acceptable as in Dirt 4 you think to be in the same place all the time..
    I dont think i will bother with any upciming DLC of Dirt 4 as i bought Project cars 2 that includes some great features about race conditions. You can set 24 hours daytime with x0-x60 multiplier , dynamic weather with 15 (if i am not mistaken) deferent choices , sun , rain thunderstors , snow, blizzard and to set up to 4 combination of each racing working so smooth and realistic , and 4 year's season that chenge the grass , trees (for example yellow-brown colors for autumn , dark green in winder , light green in summer etc) and generally the enviroment of any track ... So opposite with the most racing games you dont feel this "dejavu" that you have played a lot of times in a certain track but you feel every race unique...
    That can be "a game changer" for racing games dear Codemasters not this version generated tracks!
    And for the offroad lovers there are 9 RX tracks (4 more than dirt 4) 3 rx classes but the game is all tracks - all cars style which mean that you can set any of the 180 cars car in rx tracks even Formulas lol  (ok i am not gonna try this) .. But i tried some Road cars like Mitsubishi EVO there and rocks! Also i am about to buy Forza motorsport 7 which is the most eye-candy racing game ever including 700 cars with high-details interior and also dynamic wheater..
    Ok i know, you will tell me that here we speak of offroad game and not circuit game but i will tell you that with the mediocre Dirt 4 , with terrible (for me at least) WRC7 , with that  rediculous upcming milestone game called Gravel i just dont care about offroad racing games while i can play so **** amazing asphalt racing games..

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  • Re: Announcing DiRT 4

    I can not understand why CM keep this mixure in Dirt series... I mean after the success oF Dirt rally is clean that many people likes pure sim rally games so... So codemasters should create a pure sim rally game called Dirt rally 2 (or to support the current one with more dlc tracks and cars) with ONLY rally mode with about 8 -10  locations and some rally cars and to make an other more arcade game with the rest offoroad types like landrush , rallycross , buggies , trucks etc ..
    Then any player makes his choice..
    How many play rallycross in Dirt rally?? Very few!Most people play the rally mode so RX is almost useless..(also becomes quickly boring with these small official tracks , the common sense is that RX was better in Dirt 2 - Dirt 3..)
    I am not completely negative to DIRT 4 though , lets see what they definately offer us...