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  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    Hengist said:
    Αnd Hengist you abvisously go too slow in the first video you uploaded in this topic , why this??
    Yup, I was going slow, hence my reference to being out on a Sunday drive. The reason for this was that I had just got the game, and like any rally game that I buy, I like to take it slowly at first, to test what the car is capable of doing. Once I'm comfortable with it, that's when I up the ante and go 'full McRae', as I also previously mentioned.

    I realise that some people may jump in with full throttle mode on, but I don't, it's just how I've always approached any decent racing title, be it track based or off-road. Also, the nerd in me, secretly enjoys this 'testing' phase of owning a new title.  :)

    MiatakiasGR said:convence people that this is a sim game with great physics as the tittle says? 

    I still maintain that the 'physics are impressive', as the title stated.
     Fair enough...

    LudwigVonMises said : Sliding is tough in WRC 7. It's similar to Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo.

    I really believe that Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO was very decent rally game with much content and better than any WRC game from 1 to 7..
    I wish Milestone had created a SLRE 2 instead of this terrible Gravel game .... :(

  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    Hengist said:
    I feel like living in a surrealism reading these triumph comments for WRC 7 , the game is the worse rally game ever played for me.. These physics had some rally games 20 years back about.. :o
    If that's your opinion, then it's probably best that you stay away from the title and leave it to the bigger boys.  :)

    LoL ok dude if WRC 7 is for bigger boys i wish you good luck with it and i go to play some games suitable for younger boys like me as Project Cars 2 , Forza Motorsport 7 , Dirt Rally ... :p 

    Ok everyone has his own taste , if you enjoy the game i am not gonna argue with you more , just you to know which are the best rally games for me:  (games of last 10 years only , its not fair to compare modern games with 20 years old games)

    1) Dirt rally has the best physics - handling - sound - graphics in a rally game ever but the luck of further support , locations , online rally mode killed the game..

    2) Dirt 2 the best between the three first Dirt games , it combines the simulator and arcade feeling very well , good career, absolutely loved the bloody Malaysia location , loved all cars all tracks possibility in online. in cons cars list is not great , lack of snow , too much americanized...

    3) Dirt 4, i like handling and physics of simulator mode , generated stages do not work very well as you feel to be in the same place again and again , decent career , good enough car list , early death for online multi , overall i like it but it could be (and it should be) way better after the great Dirt rally

    4) Dirt 3 , good car list and fun online but too arcade , downgraded physics compare to Dirt 2 , not liked gymkhana and cat n mouse modes.. They are not for a rally games these..

    5) Colin Mac Rae DIRT 1 good enough but somehow precursor

    6) Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO , good enough simcade handling , acceptable graphics , great list of cars and tracks , good career , terrible online multi

    7) All Milestone's WRC (1-4) pretty mediocre in all sections

    8) All  Kylotonn's WRC (5-7) even worse exepting graphics

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  • Re: The physics in this are impressive.

    Loaded it up yesterday...........................its no sim ,but has a certain fun factor.cars are way too stable ,and fast.Stop way too quick,with no instability and much weight to them.It is better than all WRC titles before ,though.Seems tuning options are just a gimmick,not lending much to difference in feel.
    Graphics on PS4 are lacking in sharpness compared to Dirt and PC2.

    You sound somehow disappointed about WRC 7? And you are on PS4 which means you bought expensively, on PC you can find steam key for 20 euros right now..
    GT Sport should be the game i would buy on PS4 (ok its not pure rally but it includes some off road tracks)

    Come on dudes even Codemasters has gone down last years , its the only hope for us rally lovers to create a really good rally game (see Dirt rally) , is it clean enough or you will give a try to the next big thing of Milestones called "Gravel" ? :# :|

    Αnd Hengist you abvisously go too slow in the first video you uploaded in this topic , why this??

    To convence people that this is a sim game with great physics as the tittle says?
    I tried WRC 7 on PC full graphics ,with  xbox360 gamepad , all assist off and i could  go as fast as hell >:)

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  • Re: Not another friday without Road-Book or news...?!

    Need some new content..  And in their  next game Codies must let Evolution studio members to make the graphics (company that made the beautiful Drive Club for PS4)  and just deal with physics handling.. Many hated Dirt 4 just for its mediocre graphics.. I can live with them , i like the game enough but after Dirt rally someone would expect something better..
    I dont know if it is better codies to patch and make DLC content or just to start creating a new Grid - Toca game
  • Re: New DIRT - Micromachines games announced , GRID when..??

    RubyRuby said:
    Don't worry about getting old, Miatakias.  I was already old when I started with GRID in 2008 and still play it.  Of course, I don't race online and your multiplayer habit might be a factor. ;)

    I made fun , i am 33 years old and i wil keep playing video games for many years more.. I just wanted a new Grid or Toca game instead of Dirt game from codies , the PCARS that VirtualIceMan say about i dont like a lot , the handling is very weird , few and bad car's list, soulless online mode etc.. I hope the PCARS 2 to be better .. Also i have faith of Evolution studios which codies incorporated last spring and its the studio that created the great Drive Club of PS4 but i have heard it will takes long for this game to be done to..:(