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  • Re: The one stage fits all rubbish.

    Anyone else  fed up of DIRT games using the same stage but with sections cut off rubbish we've had last few games? It's gets boring repeating the same sections over and over again.I wish we'd get more than one stage set per rally.It adds variety.
    Get Dirt 4 which has endless ganerated stages and various weather conditions .. lol :p :#
  • Re: Will ONRUSH get a PC version ?

    Who cares , we wanted a new Grid - Toca game or at least a good arcade from evolution studios team like Drive Club and not a new Motorstorm!
    We wanted they open Grid 1 servers again or to make a remastered version of this game that  never happened instead of this we got the arcady **** Grid 2
    Then no DLC or mnore content for the great Dirt Rally but insted we got the mediocre Dirt 4..
    The last hopes i had after CM, announced the collaboration with Evolution studios devs was they make a Drive Club style game but did not happened either
    The game just announced and forums is already desert , nobody cares for such a game , Codemasters you are sliding on a sudden hill in high speed , have you got this? :|

  • Re: Do you think they will use an excuse?

    Hengist said:
    Btw: can anyone recommend FFB settings for WRC7? Tried it yesterday and it felt terrible.
    These are my settings for the T300, if it helps?

    Force feedback 75
    Vibration 25
    All dead zones 0
    Steering sensitivity 50
    Brake sensitivity 50
    Accelerator sensitivity 50
    Steering degrees 540 - ensure that your physical wheel matches whatever value that you personally choose here. The default was something like 630 which is a value that I can't select on my wheel.

    Nothing can help a mediocre game to be great dude.. haha >:)

    The fact that just 4 months of  Dirt 4 release people discussing only for a game like WRC 7 on official dirt 4 forums surpass me.. :/ :| :(   I dont judge people's taste , anyone is free to play the game he like but how big fail is an other codemasters game...
  • Re: DiRT Rally - Modern Masters Update

    Honestly. I was expecting a lot more cars. Like 15 or something.

    o    Animal protection services have been on the phone so we’ve had to move the wildlife on some stages to safety.   ----- it's a game...
    yeah 6.5 gb is big and no much content , the game is already big on disc around 30gb and i guess will go near 50gb in final version probably with the rest content and some extra dlc content later.. :o

    why to did you mod summer for Findland as in Finland never is summer.. lol :D :p :#