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  • Re: Is there anyone that still enjoys the game, even with the bugs?

    LilBrown47 said:
    ...thankfully it seems that finally after many years of getting "scammed" some people in this community are either (fully) against Codemasters and or are sitting on the fence of jumping ships if F1 2018 doesn't deliver...

    Just to be clear, I'm not "against" CodeMasters or any other game company. I love gaming, and I want more great games to play. I am against poor functional quality in any/all video games, especially when poor quality repeatedly comes from game companies that have had tons of consumer feedback, tons of time, & tons of opportunities to do better.

    The only thing such game companies need to do to redeem themselves in my eyes is simply produce much better functional quality at launch (while also providing better post-launch support - which wouldn't be needed so much if initial launch quality was better).

    I want game companies (like Codemasters & others) to succeed by creating great games, not by repeatedly selling very buggy games - and I won't contribute to ever-worsening quality by paying full price up-front for partially-functional games from game companies with well-established histories of poor quality.

    It's preposterous that consumers have to beg game companies to simply make games that work.

  • Re: What F1 2018 could look like - T-cam & Onboard

    I'll never understand why anybody cares so much about what optional settings everybody else uses in video games when it has absolutely zero effect on your own in-game experience.

  • Re: What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    scottishwildcat said:
    See, we've got nearly all of this now and people are still moaning ;)

    We do have all of those now. Just goes to show how you can't please everyone (especially the cry baby's).

    Content & features add no value if games fail to reliably function properly.

  • Re: How many people are interested in a release of the classics

    crzysxycool said:
    How many people are interested in a release of the classics? 

    Not me. I'm quite tired of re-releases & re-makes & re-masters & recycled games. Innovation & quality in gaming have been stagnant for too long. I'm ready for progress.

  • Re: Is there anyone that still enjoys the game, even with the bugs?

    martbloke said:
    ...they're getting away with it. I don't think I've seen a bad review by anyone big about the state of the game...

    "Mainstream gaming media" has a mutually beneficial relationship with game companies: they give favorable coverage in exchange for "exclusive behind-the-scenes access," interviews, early/free copies, etc. because all those things help drive traffic & ad revenue to their own sites/channels, and they won't bite the hand that feeds them by publishing bad reviews that risk losing their "exclusive access" (game companies deny interviews & early/free copies to media outlets that they expect unfavorable coverage from). We can't make informed buying decisions from media review scores because they're basically the extended/outsourced marketing department for games.