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  • Re: 2018 beta

    "Well, bugs aside..." LOL!

    "If you look past the flaws & just enjoy it for what it is, it's great!" I've seen that contradictory 'defense' of dysfunctional games more times than I can count.

    "As long as you have no standards, it's great! 10/10!!"

    So, if we just ignore the odor, taste, texture, & contents of feces, then we can convince ourselves it actually makes for delicious meals?

  • Re: F1 2018 game and the future

    kingmjj said:
    I really wonder how Codemasters are going to sell f1 2018 this year...

    Same way they have before.

    As the beta & launch get closer, people will be frothing for teasers & screenshots & trailers & interviews & dev diaries, begging to pre-order the ultra deluxe super special platinum edition.

  • Re: Are you going to buy F1 2018?

    I'll wait to decide whether or not to buy it until there's a sale somewhere with a very deep discount. I'm in no rush to play it as soon as it's released. If they're going to release partially functional games, then I'll wait until the games are available at partial price.

    The game industry has repeatedly taught us launch day is not ready-to-play day.

    If a game is not ready to play, then I'm not ready to pay.

    I've learned to add at least 3 months (sometimes more) to most games' retail release date as a more realistic time-frame to consider them functional enough to be worth my money & my time.

    I've got nothing to lose by waiting: I get a more functional game for my money (since there are always post-launch patches with fixes & improvements), and there are usually sales/discounts by then.

    If I have to wait for patches anyway, then I see no point in paying up-front just to wait to play later after patches arrive.

    If game companies want full retail price from me at launch, then game companies will have to release games that function better at launch.

  • Re: F1 2017 failed League Racers - Wishlist for F1 2018 to improve on it !

    "Hopefully they'll listen this time, and hopefully things will be better next time" - says nearly everybody after every installment... and game companies are listening (to how easy it is to get people to continue buying more dysfunctional games).

  • Re: Loot boxes in F1 2018

    Anybody who knowingly & willingly buys into that clearly has more dollars than sense and deserves to have their money continually/repeatedly siphoned. At that point, it's not companies' fault if people are so eager to throw so much easy money at them. I'd take the cash too... As a matter of fact, while your wallets are open, here's a link to my GoFundMe - all donations are appreciated. o:)

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