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  • Re: Is there anyone that still enjoys the game, even with the bugs?

    martbloke said:
    ...they're getting away with it. I don't think I've seen a bad review by anyone big about the state of the game...

    "Mainstream gaming media" has a mutually beneficial relationship with game companies: they give favorable coverage in exchange for "exclusive behind-the-scenes access," interviews, early/free copies, etc. because all those things help drive traffic & ad revenue to their own sites/channels, and they won't bite the hand that feeds them by publishing bad reviews that risk losing their "exclusive access" (game companies deny interviews & early/free copies to media outlets that they expect unfavorable coverage from). We can't make informed buying decisions from media review scores because they're basically the extended/outsourced marketing department for games.

  • Re: I think the site's abandoned till next game.

    rabbitbAJ said:
    ...Guys you need to take into account that they aren't a huge game studio like EA and they will have a much smaller budget meaning they wont have a huge amount of people dedicated to responding to messages posted by the community.

    • "...small companies have small budgets, so they're limited in what they can do..."

    • "...big companies have so many people & so much overhead & so many stakeholders & so much bureaucracy that they're limited in what they can do..."

    I wonder why so many people seem to want to spread the belief that good quality & good service are absolutely impossible for any company to deliver, as if consumers should happily cheer on poor quality & poor service. It's like some people just don't want things to ever get better, and instead they're happy to see things continue getting worse.

  • Re: Does anyone know why FOM is so strict

    I'm not convinced FOM truly is as strict about F1 games as some commonly imply. I think it's an easy excuse/defense many are often quick to jump to without direct knowledge or verification.

  • Re: Is this the end of Codemasters?

    mceci1 said:
    Likes F1 2017 "I haven't encountered any bugs as of yet. Its not that bad"

    Hates F1 2017 "You clearly aren't playing this bugmasters game. Maybe try opening your eyes instead of being a fanboy/girl"

    I don't think that's how it usually goes. Usually, people saying things like "it's not that bad" are also saying that people who report bugs/glitches/issues are either lying or whinging & being entitled - at which point, of course, people reporting bugs get defensive. They're not lying, and they're not entitled simply for wanting games they paid for to reliably function properly for them.

    People don't hate F1 games - they hate the bugs/glitches/issues in F1 games.

  • Re: Why I think F1 2018 may be the final F1 Game...

    mceci1 said:
    All I ever see you do is complain and  never give codemasters or anyone credit... There are a number I could name here who are useless to the community...

    All I ever see you do is tell people to stop whinging about broken games, as if game companies have no obligation whatsoever to deliver games that reliably function properly in return for our money, and as if game development is so impossibly difficult that even professional & experienced game developers can't possibly be expected to make games that work. I don't see how attacking people & defending defective games is spectacularly useful to the community or to the future of games.