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  • Re: Is there anyone that still enjoys the game, even with the bugs?

    LilBrown47 said:
    ...thankfully it seems that finally after many years of getting "scammed" some people in this community are either (fully) against Codemasters and or are sitting on the fence of jumping ships if F1 2018 doesn't deliver...

    Just to be clear, I'm not "against" CodeMasters or any other game company. I love gaming, and I want more great games to play. I am against poor functional quality in any/all video games, especially when poor quality repeatedly comes from game companies that have had tons of consumer feedback, tons of time, & tons of opportunities to do better.

    The only thing such game companies need to do to redeem themselves in my eyes is simply produce much better functional quality at launch (while also providing better post-launch support - which wouldn't be needed so much if initial launch quality was better).

    I want game companies (like Codemasters & others) to succeed by creating great games, not by repeatedly selling very buggy games - and I won't contribute to ever-worsening quality by paying full price up-front for partially-functional games from game companies with well-established histories of poor quality.

    It's preposterous that consumers have to beg game companies to simply make games that work.

  • Re: 2018 beta

    "Well, bugs aside..." LOL!

    "If you look past the flaws & just enjoy it for what it is, it's great!" I've seen that contradictory 'defense' of dysfunctional games more times than I can count.

    "As long as you have no standards, it's great! 10/10!!"

    So, if we just ignore the odor, taste, texture, & contents of feces, then we can convince ourselves it actually makes for delicious meals?

  • Re: Well done

    "Hopefully they'll finally listen this time, and hopefully things will finally be better next time" - says nearly everybody after every installment... and game companies are indeed listening (to how easy it is to get people to continue buying more dysfunctional games).

  • Re: Well done

    mceci1 said:
    ...codemasters are too lazy to fix online... stop being ignorant and pretending the game has no issues and FIX IT... We pay you to build a good game, so we expect online will work...

    Always gets a chuckle out of me when die-hard defenders finally get fed up with games they've defended after they're affected themselves by issues they repeatedly told others to stop whinging about.

    SgtKubica said:
    ...I feel spamming these sort of things won't help to much, as Codemasters have likely stopped working on F1 2017 now and hopefully are resolving these issues for 2018.

    I don't see it as "spamming." I see it as raising awareness. Hype will continue churning up more funding for more dysfunctional games if savvy consumers don't speak up more & vote with their wallets. Keeping quiet about bugs/glitches/issues will only result in more bugs/glitches/issues. Besides, history has repeatedly shown that bugs/glitches/issues from prior games often show up again & again in future installments, so there's no reason to expect them to "hopefully" get resolved in the next iteration(s) if people don't speak up & let their money talk.

  • Re: F1 2017 failed League Racers - Wishlist for F1 2018 to improve on it !

    "Hopefully they'll listen this time, and hopefully things will be better next time" - says nearly everybody after every installment... and game companies are listening (to how easy it is to get people to continue buying more dysfunctional games).