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  • Re: "A Quote from Lee Mather"

    Flazh92 said:
    I'd like to see that PC for 340 bucks sir. You have a link?


    (Note: I have absolutely nothing at all against consoles or console gamers, and I am not a "PC master race" elitist at all. I'm only providing a link showing that PCs can be built to match or beat console performance more affordably than some might think. It doesn't start getting expensive until you want to max everything out.)

  • Re: Why are people making such a big deal by the smallest of bugs

    LOL! No bugs here:

  • Re: Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  • Re: Tyre wear bug - Wear depends on starting tyre?

    According to the current (nearly 4 months after retail launch) F1 2016 Steam global achievement stats for PC players:
    • 34% have achieved "A Truly Global Sport - Complete 10 laps at the new Baku circuit"
    • 25.8% have achieved "Taking It Online - Complete an Online Race"
    • 13.8% have achieved "Competitive Streak - Complete 5 Online Races"
    • 11.3% have achieved "Making Progress- Have 50% of the vehicle upgrades applied"
    • 6.9% have achieved "Car Control - Complete any race with all assists disabled"

    Maybe these numbers aren't an accurate representation, and/or maybe I'm interpreting them incorrectly, but if they're generally in the ballpark, then data like this can raise some interesting questions, like:

    • If nearly two-thirds of F1 2016 players on PC/Steam have not run 10 laps at Baku, and over 88% have not earned half of their vehicle upgrade points, is anyone even playing the career mode beyond the first few races (if at all)? With numbers like that, is it any wonder there was no career mode in F1 2015?

    • If nearly three-quarters of F1 2016 players on PC/Steam have not completed one online race, and over 86% have not completed 5 online races, then how big & active can the F1 2016 online population really be (on PC)? With numbers like that, why bother putting many resources into developing a robust & reliable multi-player mode?

    • If over 93% if F1 2016 players on PC/Steam have not completed a race with all assists disabled, is it any wonder that the game can seem to some like it's made to allow assisted players to be as fast as (or even faster than) than no-assist players? Numbers like that suggest that most F1 gamers are nowhere near as "hardcore" as some make them out to be.

    The F1 2015, F1 2014, F1 2013, & F1 2012 Steam global achievement stats for PC players paint somewhat similar pictures. I don't know where to find overall completion stats for console achievements, but I imagine they might be generally comparable.

    It appears that a lot of people purchase these games, but it also appears that hardly anybody plays them much, which begs the question...

    If you're a game company and you see numbers like these indicating that the majority of buyers are unlikely to play a game long enough to discover (or even care about) any significant issues, then why bother doing any more than just making games that only hold up for the first couple hours of play - long enough to satisfy initial reviewers & casual players - when only a tiny minority of the most dedicated players will ever get past the introductory bits & encounter major flaws?

    A game's "success" is not measured by how much people play it & enjoy it, but instead just by how many copies it sells. Is it any wonder that reporting issues & requesting fixes seems futile when vocal critics & dedicated players are vastly outnumbered by buyers who barely touch the game after purchase? Why bother fixing/patching anything if 90% of buyers won't even notice or care?

    Game companies are in business to sell games, not to create quality games. The only way quality will improve is if quality has a measurable impact on sales. If we all want better quality games for everyone, then we all have to stop buying/funding poor-quality games.

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  • Re: Im Expecting news by friday

    sjsharp2010 said:
    Yeah I remember back when I did a computer course at college where there was an assignment about programming I had to program a traffic light on screen not an easy assignment I can tell you it took me ages just to figure out how to get that to work so I can only imagine what it takes to program a full game like this...

    LOL. Difference being that you were a student just learning basic programming, not an established game development company that's been making multi-platfform racing games for nearly 20 years.