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  • Re: F1 2017 Gameplay trailer

    MattCecil said:
    ...I highly suggest some people here shut their mouths...

  • Re: Radio Silence on F1 2017

    TL;DR: "...speculation... speculation... now everybody stop posting things that I don't like!"

  • Re: Console based threads

    JZStudios said:
    Why so much space in your comment?

    LOL! Why stop at just telling people what to post when you can also tell them how to format their posts too?

    JZStudios said:
    ...Did you even read what I said?

    I read every repetitive word you posted on this thread, and I see that you repeated the same things again in your repetitive complaint(s) about repetitiveness. Maybe if you repeat it some more, it'll help with the repetitiveness.  :p

    JZStudios said:
    ...stop quadruple posting...

    If you can't be bothered to ignore & scroll past posts that you're not interested in, how you can expect others to take the extra step to first search for an existing topic to add to?

    If this is your first time forum-ing, here's a quick tutorial... During the period shortly after a game is newly-released on a platform, it's typical to see a big spike in forum activity - much of it revolving around similar issues faced  by a number of people. A lot of people are more interested in getting their game-related issue(s) resolved than they are in catching up on the forum's history (they'd rather be playing the game than reading volumes about it), so they'll just post about the problem they're having, hoping for a solution It's a lot quicker & easier to check for replies to your own inquiry than it is to look for a needle in a haystack digging through mega-threads that are hundreds of pages long. It would literally require a round-the-clock full-time team of eagle-eyed moderators to instantly route every new post to an appropriate existing thread - an approach that would likely lead to another set of significant problems.

    If everyone refrained from posting anything that has ever been said before, then this & every forum would be just about empty.

    I see you've expressed your appreciation a number of times for CM's level of tolerance on this forum. Ever considered following that example?

  • Re: Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    TerryRed said:

    Well on my PC, I have the latest patch and have 3 lost progress 3 times now...

    Really?? This is not the first time I've seen PC customers on this forum report that their Grid AutoSport saves got corrupted even after the patch. Have you done anything out-of-the-ordinary that might compromise the function of the game? Have you sent your save file to CodeMasters for troubleshooting?

    @Loore: You've been saying "hopefully next week" for weeks, so what's the latest on the console patch? CodeMasters must have something to report by now beyond just "soon." And how do you/we know that our progress won't get corrupted & lost again after this patch?