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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    tbtstt said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    P308R said:
    @KickUp @ChristinaMc

    Yesterday I finally got a chance to play the game. I 've spend about 3 hours doing several freeride races as rallying stuff in the career. I'll add my experiences in here. I play on simulation with no aids.

    1. Tarmac physics: while being an improvement over Dirt Rally I can't help the feeling the cars are still skittish, have no real weight and do feel floaty. I have the impression that the "back" of the car isn't really there. The feeling on gravel is great. No complaints here.
    2. The menus: The menu structure is not very intuative and it feels cluttered. Navigation around requires a lot of button pressing and I prefered the clean and straightforward menus from DR
    3. Career setup: this is great. I like the way the player gets introduced and the way the career builds up in terms of length and complexity.
    4. Cars: Great sound and very nice to look at. Can't complain to anything I've driven so far.
    5. Replays: while the mixed camera is exactly the one from DR it missed the camera movement when paused. This gives no variation in capturing screenshots. A kind of freecam would be greatly appreciated. That you can hide the replay interface and disable the co-driver during it is great.
    6. Graphics: Can't complain here. The lighting is great and really adds to the experience when rallying. Cars are very detailed but textures and foilage seems less impressive than DR. Still great looking.
    7. Landrush: Did 2 races and I simply don't want to return to it anymore. It feels completely out of place and I struggle to enjoy it.
    8. YourStage: I know this has been a tech you've been working on for 3 years but I have my doubts about the stages being generated. It all feels very much the same and nothing actually stands out. The handcrafted stages from DR where thrilling, had an exciting layout and some tricky technical parts. YourStage simply can't compete with those handcrafted ones. I prefer to have the stages of DR with the quantity that came with it then the general YourStage. If you have done a few stages in YourStage all the stages created afterwards seem to borrow the same set of corners, combinations and layouts. Very noticable in career! Positive part of this is that YourStage gets the player in a flow very easily. Probably I'll end up generating a specific set for each location and stick to it. Question that rose to the occasion: I wonder how stages are created when YourStage would get a landscape which was more challenging for its algorithm and how to algorithm actually learns for not using the same subset of corners? 
    9. Overall: I won't be to severe with my judgement here since it is your first public outing for YourStage and I appreciate what you guys are trying to do with YourStage. It is to early to judge D4 but the general feeling I am left with is a positive one and most importantly I am enjoying myself a lot.
    nice feedback but this also kinda highlights why we are finding it hard to agree on the handling at the moment.tarmac is generally great gravel generally isnt perfect.who is right wrong who knows ? :D
    This calls for an Epic Rap Battle, Dirt Rally physics against Dirt 4. Who wins? YOU DECIDE!
    There is so much hate, 
    But I can feel cars weight, 
    And suspension now takes the load,
    Of those bumps in the road,
    DiRT Rally laid fresh physics down, 
    But now DiRT 4 takes the crown.
    Dirt Rally has the 208,
    Dirt4 can make you go straight,
    YourStage is the new kid in town,
    Sometimes those stages make you frown,
    Bears, Birds and Deer,
    Common get along and we go grab some beer,

    Totally crap at this... :D
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    I am pretty thrilled to have this game in my console by the end of the day if the postman doesn't mess up....and I can tell here in France they do mess up....a lot.... :D

    Second, I have a romantic evening out with my wife this evening so I won't even be able to get anywhere near a console. The only thing I can do is admire the steelcase and probably download the patch...

    Oh well, there is always the rest of the weekend  :) :) :) :)
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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    • Tree'd by more than 15 minutes.......................
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  • Re: The Dirt 4 Official Countdown Thread

    RallyCross: 505 roc turbo 4x4 in 1987 and 1988

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Trailer has messed up my mind. Thanks @bogani for pointing that out  :p  So question is will the codriver be off when we go to the choppah-view? 

    Great to see I need 3 posts to get somewhere near of what I wanted to ask  :(