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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Me too! Musique I always cut during gameplay. In the menu's it van stay on. In the rally car it is very disturbing when codriver "Nicky" is getting distracted every time Madonna or J-Lo are coming by.....For god sake, can you just read the pacenotes!!! For 5 minutes it works and then I hear...Let's get louuud...Let's get loOuud....followed by Crest, Tree-> end of race  :s
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    KickUp said:

    ipascal said:

    If this was a classic Codemasters game, with crazy hidden bonuses, then you'd be able to fly the helicopter down the stage too!

    ...although that could be a bit sensitive given what happened to Colin McRae :-(

    Why not, it's a very good idea !!
    You do your race, the game registers your race, and you take a helicopter by filming your race, that's good !!!!
    To integrate in the next rally games I think, it would be revolutionary.
    The couple helicopter / car it works very well!
    Not only do you make your rally but in addition you film a helicopter, good ...

    You can have that if you don't want another Rally game for the next 10 years.  ;)

    Make it a drone then, it could shave off a couple of years  :p
  • Re: F1 2014 - what platforms is it being released on?

    Well I can understand why they haven't released any info yet. It's quite difficult when you know you are about to create an F1 season that for the first time in history will have an 18+ rating! 


    This is your teammanager speaking: Vettel is behind you and he is going to use his KERS!! 

    Just let me know what you think when you are that car in front. You immediately know you have a "big" problem .. 


    I can see this can be quiet problematic
  • Re: GRID3 "a must have" features list.

    I would like to see a weather système, pitstops, flags and rules. Safety car.