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  • Re: Unrealistic amount of EU flags

    Francisnf said:
    blatent political statement from codemasters I have noticed in this game, there is a suspiciously high amount of EU flags in the crowd which isn't realistic as a total percentage of flags displayed.
    I've done some analysis and I believe that only 48% of the flags in the grandstands are of the European Union.
    The flags will be removed from British copies of F1 2019 following negotiations with the EU.


  • Re: "The race to Rank 50"

  • Re: Patch 1.6

    Patches on console require certification and approval from the console manufacturers. That means that Codemasters need to wait for Xbox to do some technical checks before the patch can go live. Note that this is not Xbox looking for bugs, it's them making sure that the updated software code that Codemasters provide to them conforms to their technical guidelines.

    On PC there is no governing body which is why you see patches go live more quickly.

    Also, it's the weekend. The videogame industry needs a break too you know...

    A patch will most likely come early next week, I'm sure you can wait until then. For F1 2018, maybe you should wait until a month after launch before picking up the title, just so that the post-launch bugs and kinks get ironed out before you start playing  ;)
  • Re: Patch 1.6 - Discussion Thread


    Please tell the development team to hold off a few days (a week would be perfect) when it comes to resetting the Ranks*. Those of us who have spent dozens of hours attempting to get our Rank up to 50 are going to see our efforts wasted. Please give us a chance to get over the line before starting everyone from scratch. 

    To everyone else:

    I am at around Rank 30 currently.

    If I want to get to Rank 50, how much XP am I going to need to get there? I average 4-5000 XP per race, with another 1500 if there is a Qualifying session.

    If the Xbox One patch doesn't go live until after the weekend I don't mind grinding out those last 20 Ranks before the reset.

    *Assuming it doesn't also delay the patch. The patch should come first but if the stat reset can be "done at any time" then having a few days to get to Rank 50 would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Re: The Dirt Daily Thread

    Short clip/stunt from yesterday's Delta. I had a comfortable lead at the time so I figured I'd chance it :smiley: