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  • Re: Pay for update - Teammate bug and others

    I'm not going to pay for a patch. They had the chance to fix their screw ups from last years but they screwed it up even more. I already decided to boycott Codemasters completely. 
  • Re: Is the game done!?

    mceci1 said:
    You have summed it up, 3 MONTHS, give it time. We still have until at least January mid Feburary to go my guess is before focus shifts. Iracing goes half a year and even longer with game breaking glitches, yet no one complains. Rfactor 2 is disgusting and one of the worst we have in sims/simcades at the moment and no one says a thing

    People like you are the reason why developers can continue this behavior. 

    3 months with bugs that shouldnt be in the game. And one of the biggest isn't going to be fixed. Plus this is already their 8th attempt. 
  • Re: Are you going to buy F1 2018?

    I have no qualms about it, if they head the information given by people about 2017 quality then I am certain they can make 2018 a better game, not on the first hurdle but within time

    Oh you're so naive. Most people here thought the same 5 years ago. Now they know better. 
    I still hope you're right but I have 0% faith in it. 
  • Re: Are you going to buy F1 2018?

    mceci1 said:
    FRACTURED said:
    I didn't buy this years and nobody has died. Apparently I can play it free with the trial on xbox this week? 

    Lovely. Just enough gametime to realize I've done the right thing.

    SO you haven't played it, therefore are very restricted as to what you can say. Anyone who doesn't play it and then carries on about how bad it is really is inaccurate

    So if a game has certain bugs, he can't say the game has those bugs because he didn't play the game? The bugs are still there though. And I never saw @FRACTURED say something bad about the game that isn't true. 
  • Re: Never again

    Operator1 said:

    Operator1 said:

    you have to give it time

    (Standard response/reminder...)

    F1 2017 is CodeMasters' 9th consecutive F1 game - they've been making the same yearly-iterated core game for 9 years. CodeMasters has been making multi-platform racing games for 20 years. How much more time is needed?

    I think a problem is that they try to reinvent the wheel every year. 

    They don't reinvent the core game engine every year. Seems like they should have a solid grasp by now on how to work with the same engine they've been re-using & tweaking for years.

    I think that engine is the source of the problems. Especially the current gen engine.