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Raalte Race Steward


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  • Re: Is the game done!?

    mceci1 said:
    You have summed it up, 3 MONTHS, give it time. We still have until at least January mid Feburary to go my guess is before focus shifts. Iracing goes half a year and even longer with game breaking glitches, yet no one complains. Rfactor 2 is disgusting and one of the worst we have in sims/simcades at the moment and no one says a thing

    People like you are the reason why developers can continue this behavior. 

    3 months with bugs that shouldnt be in the game. And one of the biggest isn't going to be fixed. Plus this is already their 8th attempt. 
  • Re: Teammate bug

    I'm gonna open more threads again until we got a clear answer. This game disappointes me even more then Mafia 3 did. And I thought that was impossible. 
  • Re: Update that should come soon

    mufc9000 said:
    Practice programs could just act as extras
    Qualifying and races should give enough resource points to keep the car competetiv
    It sometimes takes me over 30 minutes to complete the practice programs

    I like it the way it is. Wish there were more programs to get even more points. 
  • Re: What have you done to medium traction control!?

    Raalte said:
    @Raalte said:

    "All your ideas sound terrible for people like me with bad motor skills. I play racing games for over 20 years and almost never seem to be able to drive without assists. Especially F1 games. My progress in that is very slow. And because it goes  too slow it frustrates me. I don't have the motivation and dedication too learn it. It would take years for me too master it. And I doubt that I can even master it. I'm glad I can keep it on the road with all assists except auto brake. Even then I use 10 to 20 flashbacks in a 25% race."


    In all honesty, this list of ideas i posted won't compromise assists drivers at all, you will still have access to all gamemodes and you will still be able to enjoy the game the way you intend it to be, only in TT and online multiplayer you won't be at the top anymore, but that's not too bad as you'd still be able to play online in custom mode.

    The only obvious downside is that you couldn't unlock driver customizable accessories that easily but even this could get fixed in no time by Codies offering the unlockables as a collection of small dlc contents for a price of 2.5 - 5 bucks per pack.

    In other words this solution i posted would only improve the notion of a healthy competition whilst giving plenty of alternatives for everyone to either improve and hone their skills to become better drivers and or to buy themselves the content they want directly without having to grind the game.

    So I have to pay because my motor skill is bad? 
    All options and modes should be available for both assists and non assists users. 
    Mate if you read my post, you'd have known that your experience won't be compromised at all, if my suggested solution hypothetically was applied in the next F1 game.

    Only the "driver customizable unlocks" and the progression within the premise of "online ranking" would become more difficult to attain for people who can't drive without assists.

    That's why i also suggested the option to give "busy" people, those who can't / won't / don't or rather who simply refuse to learn no assists driving, a alternative to get the aesthetic content in order to upgrade their driver, the "driver customization unlocks" would be offered as small DLC packs for a specific amount of money of course.

    Other than that you'd have full access to the whole game and everyone would get the incentive to play without assists over time and hone their skills into becoming better drivers eventually and unlock all the fancy stuff themselves through grinding the game!


    It seems as if only people who painfully grab and desperarely whine to preserve their "equality of outcome" in a "competitive" racing game would oppose such a solution as for them it's way too bothersome to put time and effort into the game.....

    Yes I'm against it. Maybe I also want to race online and earn rankes and unlock stuff. Maybe I don't even want to learn to drive without. That doesn't mean you have the right to exclude that players to parts of the game, just because you like to drive without assists. Everyone should have the same features, regardless of assists are used. 
  • Re: "Balanced Medium Traction Control"

    robin8f said:
    "and in the process ruined the game for many others"

    Lol what is this for nonsense. Medium traction control has been ridiculously fast in this game and in f1 2016, the game was already 'ruined' for the players that played without traction control. You guys can't complain, you are very lucky that medium traction control is so fast. I can understand it if you don't have time to learn to play without traction control but unfortunately you should then just accept that you won't be as fast as the guys that do have the time. That's the case with every game, spend time to learn the game and get very good or don't spend the time and accept you won't be as good. 

    The problem is that the handling is changed on medium TC because of the patch.