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  • Re: Pay for update - Teammate bug and others

    I'm not going to pay for a patch. They had the chance to fix their screw ups from last years but they screwed it up even more. I already decided to boycott Codemasters completely. 
  • Re: Never again

    Operator1 said:

    Operator1 said:

    you have to give it time

    (Standard response/reminder...)

    F1 2017 is CodeMasters' 9th consecutive F1 game - they've been making the same yearly-iterated core game for 9 years. CodeMasters has been making multi-platform racing games for 20 years. How much more time is needed?

    I think a problem is that they try to reinvent the wheel every year. 

    They don't reinvent the core game engine every year. Seems like they should have a solid grasp by now on how to work with the same engine they've been re-using & tweaking for years.

    I think that engine is the source of the problems. Especially the current gen engine. 
  • Re: Teammate bug

    My theory is that non AI car is getting engine performance boost. They did something wrong with AI not getting performance boost. You can easily see it with your team mate but i think non AI car is getting upgraded properly.

    I remember a post awhile back where someone posted the speed traps of all cars in their 3rd or 4th season and all 2nd driver cars where down compared to the No 1 driver. Who really knows tho? I personally don't think codemasters will ever know the answer, and probably wouldn't tell us if they did. I'll be waiting and watching the 2018 forums to find out about next year's game because i sure won't be buying it. 

    I posted a speedtrap list from Q1 at the end of season 3. With the AI teams the difference was 3-4 KPH max. With my team (McLaren) the difference was 15 KPH. I think the problem is only with the AI of the players team. The rest looks good. 
  • Re: Teammate bug

    Hi all,

    I've just merged all the threads on this so we can keep all of this together. With regards to this: the AI cars all receive performance upgrades, however the upgrades work slightly differently to the player car. We’re looking into ways of improving the current implementation in the future so that the two systems are more aligned.

    Wow finally a comment from CM. But the main question still isn't answered. IS TO BE FIXED FOR F1 2017??? 

    Weeks of asking and still no answer. And it's not a difficult question. I'm really getting fed up. Game was so promising. Yet the main reason why I bought it, bring McLaren back to top, isn't possible because of this bug. Feels like 50 bucks down the drain. Thanks alot........ for nothing. 
  • Re: Teammate bug

    SASColfer said:
    I'm not confident they're going to fix it. They're probably hoping the majority won't notice it for a long time and by then they can say it was too late to fix. 

    That's why we have to keep addressing this bug.