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  • Re: Teammate bug

    Hi all,

    I know you've all been asking about the teammate bug. Just to update you all: here at Codies we've spent a long time looking into this, and when the new R&D system was designed for F1 2017 certain constraints were placed upon the upgrades that the AI receive because of technical limitations. Our AI is trained to drive each car at each track, this is a time and computationally expensive thing to do for all the various combinations (track x car x weather x compound x tyre wear x fuel load). Training the AI to drive a car with many thousands of combinations of R&D parts applied by the player was deemed too risky and simply not possible in the time available so therefore the way that upgrades apply to the AI is not like for like with the player. Most of the time this system works well but in the case of engine upgrades it clearly has some deficiencies. The specific case of the McLaren because the Honda engine is down on power particularly highlights this issue. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at this issue, and, unfortunately it is simply not possible for us to fix this issue for F1 2017 because it would require too much time to fundamentally change the AI upgrade system, train all of the combinations and then test them adequately.

    We apologise to those of you whose careers are being affected by this issue and will do everything we can to improve the AI upgrade system in the future.

    Thanks for the comment. 

    I'm done now with this game. Career is no fun with that bug. I'll will wait to buy any Codemasters game before I'm sure there are no such gamebreaking hugs. I don't have much faith in the next 3 F1 games 
  • Re: What should be done next year?

    There is only one thing they can do: release a perfect F1 2018 
  • Re: I Love F1 2017 game

    If I read this threads I wonder if I have a different game. 
  • Re: F1Support, I want to continue my Career SO BAD but you won't let me.

    patronas said:
    rabbitbAJ said:
    they did @Frosty2081                                    

    They never did. Why on earth do you think half the forum is reporting this annoying bug and complaining about the radio silence.
    To be fair, lots of people complain about "gamebreaking bugs" when they really just do something wrong or don't understand certain things.
    Good point seen quite a few people saying the is a game breaking bugs when in reality it isnt a game breaker just a small bug it isnt hardly surprising the isnt any communication from codies when see some of the stuff people put up about them but still no exuse for them not to mention if the matter is been dealt with or not it is a game breaker makes pointless doing engine upgrades if not going to work on team mate what happens when u change teams after applying all engine up grades does the a1 driver that u took seat from get the  engine upgrades or does he stay on same level that the team mate wasent getting them or does the team mate become competitive when leave team if anyone knows was going to start new game when season finishes and create an realistic championship was going to upgrade the redbull engine so on same levelnas merc and Ferrari and renault so the are in podium contention mclaren would take to long to get them in top 10 took is 4 seasons to get the force india to be winning titles 

    I skipped your comment because I can't read it. Please use punctuation. 
  • Re: But the gloves of vettel?

    LabF1 said:
    Why are not vettel gloves black? will they be updated?
    I sent many mailes to codemasters official email addres in random times since realse their 1.9 update 
    I found some of workers in F1 2017 design team and contact them for this big mitake 
    in here i sent message for F1Support user and post a subject for this 
    But    But     But 
    unfortunetly anyone don't fix this big bug for biggest recently driver , out favorite driver Sebastian VETTEL 

    please someone seeing this post contact them to fix BLACK GLOVES for VETTEL 
    i have another bug about williams car 
    please see this picture 

    You should learn the definition of the word 'bug'.