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  • Re: Codemasters or Bugmasters?

    Dude, grow up!

    Body is blah blah blah blah 
  • Re: McLaren Team Mate not getting engine updates?


    I saw the notes for 1.10 and there was no fix for this bug on it. Will it ever be fixed? Are you guys still working on it? It's been like this since release!
  • Re: The Sports Update patch - 1.8 for consoles, 1.9 for PC - Discussion Thread - UPDATED 13/10

    auroboros said:
    emiack76 said:
    Updated traction control. Now 0.5 seconds slower per lap, it’s a real kick in the nuts for players who have no interest in online racing. Poor from codemaster, looks like it’s time to get rid of F1 2017. I wonder who’s business plan that was to alienate a huge portion of paying customers.
    Why don't you just turn your AI level down to compensate for lap times. Or turn medium tc off and enjoy the game that way (still might have turn AI level down).
    Turning it off is very rewarding, but granted, it does take time.
    Using medium traction control is boring as hell now. I've stopped my career sadly, i will not use no traction because im on a pad that is useless with throttling out of corners. The thrill is gone, regardless of how we tinker with AI.
    Using a pad is absolutely fine with TC. I’ve always used a pad and never used TC. It’s just throttle control. 

    That you can do it, doesn't mean everyone can. 
  • Re: The Sports Update patch - 1.8 for consoles, 1.9 for PC - Discussion Thread - UPDATED 13/10

    Runalf said:
    Yep, just to confirm that you'll go to version 1.9 and it's live on both platforms!
    Hi @jennyannem @F1Support

    Patch is awesome. thanks!

    1 question. My abbreviated name is not on my sharkfin :( Is this a bug? Will this be patched in the near future? My name should be on the sharkfin.  

    Read the rest of the thread. Is already discussed. And no, I won't give you an answer.

    How i use the spectator mode???? Im not finding nothing about this on the ps4...

    Same goes for you. 
  • Re: What have you done to medium traction control!?

    oner7 said:
    auroboros said:
    oner7 said:
    TAKIINOUE said:
    Ah well. Apparently ruining the game for those of us with medium TC is absolutely fine, but woe betide CM if they forget to update Vettel's gloves or Hamilton's helmet...
     Honestly, why does it matter to those of you who don't even use TC? 
    It matters to us. Why dont you understand?
     In our MP league there are drivers which are using medium TC. And they are not working on for no TC, BECAUSE it is easier and FASTER to drive with TC. If they were slower than us, either they decide to work on to drive without TC or they accept not be on the front row.

    We cannot force the people to drive without TC because it isnt easy to find 20 gamers driving without TC. Therefore we accept drivers using assists.

    Therefore it matters for us.

    If the top of the mountain is playing the game "without any assists", the game should encourge the people not to use any assist to speed up. If they dont,couldnt,wouldnt, then they should accept to be slow than top drivers.
    Why i suggested having an offline MTC V1 setting available to those only playing career. They have completely ruined the game for me. I can't use no assisting on a pad, just way too inconsistent and frustrating to enjoy even when mastered. I can do it, i just don't have the fingers to maintain it through a 50% race without using flashbacks. Pads are flimsy and an F1 throttle is precise. 2/3 of the market base for this game is console, not wheel drivers. Not everyone plays multiplayer and definitely not everyone league races. This stinks for MOST people. Maybe you should suggest your league uses no assists as a rule and not provoke CM to make such an idiotic change to a game that the majority loved. I now despise this game regretfully.
    How bad could be the new medium TC ? You are on pad, it is already an arcade game for those of you on pad with assists.

    Because the gap between arcade and sim has become bigger? It's too arcade for him now with medium TC and too sim without?